In which we hurry up and wait

When last we saw the intrepid crew of the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, Warrior Princess Jasmine Sprite had indicated a need for fortifications against goblin incursions; having specifically identified a breach in the basement, behind the chimney and the water heater.

Management quickly summoned a War Engineer, who, upon studying the problem, suggested that the best approach was to cede the area to the goblins, building a strong wall with a goblin-proof door between the water heater, the furnace, the chimney and the rest of the basement.

This was done yesterday, and we are now the first on our block to have a Goblin Room in the basement.

Today, the War Engineer returns to rehang the crooked french doors in Steve’s office, and also to help us figure out how many screens we need to replace — and how.  In addition to six children, the previous owners had (according to the neighbors on the left) two Very Large and Somewhat Alarming Dogs (left-hand neighbors own a Shepard-mix, themselves, so clearly not simply anti-dog) and the dogs had a taste for window- and door-screens.  With summer, as we call it here in Maine, fast approaching, fixing screens is at the top of the list.

On Monday, we had word from Carpet Guy Two:  The Installer, who called at 7:45 am (!) to say that he would come by on Tuesday (yesterday) to install the carpets in the bedroom and my office.  As the last word had been May 17, we leaped at the opportunity of an early install, even though it meant moving a bunch of boxes (again).  Monday, I transferred all the files from the banker’s boxes back into the file cabinets, which cleared a lot of floor space, and also shelved books in the living room, clearing even more floor space.

Yesterday, Steve and I cleared the bedroom against the promised arrival of CG2 at 3 pm, and were just sitting down to lunch when the phone rang and it was?  Yes, CG2, reporting that he couldn’t make it today, but would definitely do the install on Wednesday (today).

We were disappointed, naturally, but we really can’t finish unpacking and getting back to work until those carpets are down — and, honestly, what choice did we have — so we said OK, and resigned ourselves to carpets on Wednesday.

Two hours later, the phone rang again. So very sorry, said CG2, but I won’t be able to make it to you until Thursday, but you will be my Very First Install, I Swear!

So, anyway.

Today, I await both the War Engineer and the guy from PoolTech, who I hope will take away the pool).  At the moment, I’m sitting in the Sole Comfy Chair free of Stuff (which happens to be in my office, where the windows are open to the morning breeze and the sunshine is pouring through the windows as thick and as sweet as honey), typing this blog post on Seventh Son the Chromebook.  As soon as I’m done here, I will continue reading the page proofs for the mass market edition of The Gathering Edge. . .

. . .which will be a pleasant return to the ordinary.

I have to keep reminding myself that we only just moved last Friday; haven’t even been a week in this new place.  There’s still a lot to learn, and to discover.  so far, I’ve had tutorials with the microwave, the refrigerator, the washer and the dryer.  Still need to do the basic coursework for the stove and the dishwasher.  I suppose this is what comes of living in a Time Bubble for the last 30 years. . .

Everybody stay safe.

7 thoughts on “In which we hurry up and wait”

  1. Hmmmm. Sunshine. Morning breeze. It’s snowing here in the mountains of Colorado. Brrrrrr!

  2. 6 kids and 2 dogs? Whoa. I guess it’s amazing they all had not found the goblin kingdom before. Maybe they did and never told the ‘rents.

    I note that the Carpet Guy 2 says First Appointment. You realize that means Oh God Early, right? My condolences.

    I wish you luck and note you have not just moved mountains but unpacked them too, since Friday.

  3. Sounds like you are making exceptional progress (though it may not feel that way) and huge strides in practicing patience (no doubt it DOES feel that way.) Best wishes!

  4. About the need to learn your new technology. Keep in mind that Youtube videos can be very helpful.

  5. The dishwasher might be annoying with its reminder to add the “rinse aid”. I made an executive decision not to connect the oven to the internet. There is a start time setting which makes the connection unnecessary. We remodeled last year and had a long learning curve.
    We can now file the manuals with those for the HVAC systems for the next owners.

    Enjoy your new digs.

  6. in our experience, admittedly limited as we have only moved house 3 times, it takes at least a year to get settled into a new home

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