In which there are announcements

So, the next Liaden novel — Fifth of Five/Accepting the Lance.  After after close consultation with the characters, and of course the cats, Steve and I have spoken with Madame the Agent and  Madame the Publisher, and — we have agreed upon a January 2019 delivery date*.

Madame the Publisher allows us to know that the thirtieth anniversary edition of Agent of Change will be on sale on October 30, 2018.  We will be speaking with Mr. Blyly to find if he thinks the Uncle will find it possible to take pre-orders for signed copies of that edition.

Madame also lets us know that A Liaden Universe® Constellation: Volume Four has been penciled into the schedule for Summer 2019.

In not unrelated news, we have consulted with our bank account and our qe’andra and — we will not be attending WorldCon this year.

We will instead be badgering the contractors of Central Maine to paint and do small repairs at the Old Digs so that it can be shown and (we hope speedily) sold.

Steve and I apologize for being the authors of these inconveniences, but — necessity is.

In new house news, we have today put the rug down in the living room, signifying — something.  Probably, boredom with having to dodge around it’s rolled up bulk every time we wanted to open the side windows.

Scrabble celebrated The Event with a dance composed for the occasion:

Here’s a picture of the whole rug, with the Mencken table and the sofa:

Everybody have a good weekend.


*This is a delivery date, not a publication date.  “Delivery date” is when we turn the finished manuscript into Madame the Publisher.

9 thoughts on “In which there are announcements”

  1. Selfishly sad that you won’t be at Worldcon! But as you say, necessity is. Hope all goes well with the house sale. And thanks for the update.

  2. Oh Gohd. I don’t know if I can make it that long. Will there be Lesser Works to ease the pain?

  3. You have been busy and I’m impressed that you’ve got a delivery date of January 2019…may all the forces in the universe work with you from now on, and ease you past a quick selling of The Old Place and the finishing and delivery of the book-I’m-dying-to-read. There was an article in The New Yorker about AI stuff and though it referenced a few SF works, it *should* have referenced Gathering Edge and Neogenesis. I’ve been re-reading both (because I get something out of them every time, that’s why) and and Neogenesis just gets better and better. (I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through some sections. It reads so smoothly and there’s so much good solid *thinking* in it.) Er…that doesn’t mean Gathering Edge doesn’t get better and better, it does, but right now my brain is stitching together current stuff on AI, the slightly older stuff, and your books. Anyway…good luck on the rest of the year and I hope The Old Place suddenly sells.

  4. Oooh, you tossed the first 70K words, so now you get to write The Whole Damn Thing in 7 months or so. Maybe you can use NaNoWriMo for your finishing spurt?

  5. I assume that “Uncle” (the one with the preorders of signed copies) would be “Uncle Hugo”, not “Uncle Yuri” ??

  6. I hope all these events at the Lee/Miller household resolve stresslessly & happily so you can say with a smile “what a long strange trip it’s been” [appreciation to the G.D.]. As for me, my first reaction to Jan ’19 is [disgusting whiney voice] “it’s so looonnngggg to wait for tbfka Fifth!” (uh, sorry!) Then I read Ms. Moon’s comments & … well … what she said! wrote! So I’ll be re-reading [again] only I just may have to go back further than G.E. & Neo. to start my re-reads. That’ll be happy re-reads…

  7. Does the rug come with memories? I hope you were channeling Luken Bel Tarda as you unrolled it.

  8. Following up my May 15 post, I very happily just concluded a re-read of Necessity’s Child. “Wow” is the effect it had on me. I had been reading a much “heavier” story from a different series & upon its completion, NC lifted my mood into the exosphere. So, to Ms. Moon, thank you for your comments above. Now I can look forward to re-reading DS, DiE, AoE, GE, & Neo between now & the eARC of tbfka Fifth aka AtL. Better that than falling prey to stories that feed my curmudgeon-ness. [smile]

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