One full Monday, with vampyres

So, this morning, it was a visit to the vampyres for both of us, followed by visiting the new digs to putter a bit and to hang up a set of OUR windchimes; then to Goodwill to donate a couple, three boxes of Stuff, then to the HomeStyle Kitchen and Bath where Owner/Designer April built (on computer) the pantry we’ve been trying to find ready-made; then to Home Depot to consider paint and carpet; then home for a late dinner, and a hard root beer.

I’m now trying to crank up enough energy to do something useful around this house.  This may not happen, though there’s no lack of Things to Be Done.  However, we promised each other we wouldn’t kill ourselves getting this thing done, and we really have had a full day.  Watching someone design a piece of furniture to spec is exhilarating and exhausting.

Tomorrow, we need to have the door open at the new place at 8 a.m., in order to accommodate a long list of pros, who will in the fullness of time be providing us with estimates for work to be done.

Wednesday, Owner/Designer April will stop by at the more civilized hour of 10 a.m. in order to take measurements and fine-tune her design.  Mike the electrician is also supposed to stop by, but we don’t have a firm date-or-time for him yet.

Our goal is to be wholly established across the river(s) no later than April 30.  I think that’s doable.

*crosses fingers and goes to take a nap*

5 thoughts on “One full Monday, with vampyres”

  1. May it all go smoothly and to your great joy and satisfaction. Some moves are like that, so I know it can happen.

  2. I believe it’s time for the cabana boy to bring your wine. You’ve done enough for today. Tomorrow starts early!

  3. Wishing for a smooooth transition and would be interested in seeing the pantry design, I need one.

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