Health Report

Thanks to everyone for your concern and advice.  I am on the mend (as is Steve, who’s two days ahead of me in this Health Adventure).  Yesterday, I had enough brain to work on the taxes for an hour, and this morning I can actually talk without setting off paroxysms of coughing.

I’m also well enough to start fretting about the week’s worth of Undone Stuff of all descriptions littering the landscape.  I do know better than to try to get them all caught up Now, and will continue upon the Conservative Course.  I feel brainly enough to do some Handwritten Note work on the novel, if not nearly sharp enough to get on with the actual manuscript.  This is definitely an improvement over not having enough functioning brain to read, so — yay!

The coon cats have been constantly on the case, though this has called for some reworking of the standard shifts.  We’re more frequently seeing two on/one off, with Scrabble doing fill-in as she’s able.  At the moment, I have Sprite with me here at the desk, Scrabble behind the tax box, Trooper on roaming, and Belle downstairs, taking her Quiet Shift.    Belle will come on again around noon, Sprite will go off-shift, and Trooper will get his quiet shift around 3.

And, that’s all the news.  Being sick is even more boring than working on a book.

Everybody stay safe.

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