Book Day!

Degrees of Separation: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 27! is officially released today.

You may purchase it at all of the usual ebook outlets.  Those who fancy paper, may purchase a paperback copy at Amazon.

A special thank you to the 730-ish folks who preordered, thereby assisting with our experiment.  For Science!

I spent the weekend going through Fifth of Five, moving scenes, removing scenes, rewriting scenes — which is not as easy as it sounds.  Still got a bit of that to finish up, and then we can see where we are.

Everybody stay warm.


3 thoughts on “Book Day!”

  1. I got my paper copy delivered yesterday from Amazon (thank you USPS) and my pre-ordered e-copy downloaded automatically to my kindle this morning. A good reason to stay indoors and read on this really cold morning.

    Anne in Virginia

  2. I bought from B and N and finished last night. I really like the characters and hope we learn more about their future on Surebleak. Thanks again for another grate read.

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