Today’s the big day

Today, December 15, is the eighth birthday of Kelimcoons Sooper Trooper. We usually call him Trooper, but for his birthday, he gets the Whole Formal, at least once.  Festivities are planned throughout the day.  The sun has obligingly come out, and is puddling nicely in the napping spots.  We also have a Flying Mouse Competition planned for later in the day, and a grooming session.  We will also have Jazz on Pandora.  Trooper is partial to Jazz.

Today, December 15, is also the day that “Block Party” (collaborative effort number 82 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller) will be published to, around noonish US Eastern Time.

We’ll obviously be very busy here with the Natal Day Festivities, so feel free to sing out when you see the story come up.

Here’s a picture of the Birthday Cat, wondering what all the fuss is about.

7 thoughts on “Today’s the big day”

  1. Happy birthday, Trooper! Eight years old. Getting into ‘mature cat’ range. Hope your staff provide the proper treats for the celebration. George and Gracie (our feline overlords) send you virtual rabbit bits, their preferred treat.

    And I’m off to buy the new story!

  2. You don’t have to buy the new story — it’s free to read just as soon as it appears on the front page!

    Trooper would thank you for you kind wishes, if, yanno, he wasn’t a cat.

  3. and here it is almost dinnertime and I can’t find Block Party on It’s always possible that I’m BLIND, but I don’t think so.

  4. No, they just haven’t gotten it in gear to release the page. I did check with our editor, who says, “it ought to be today.” We do ASK them before we say things like XX will happen WHEN. . .

  5. 6:41mst = 8:41est & I find nothing yet. LOTS of people are searching for it. Hope the first person to find it posts here how they found it…:-)

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