In which Rolanni goes shopping

I went shopping today.  Mind you, I hadn’t meant to go shopping.

Well, actually, I had intended to go shopping — a quick trip to Goulet Pen Company to buy a bottle of ink and a journal; that was it.  I am pleased to report that I did accomplish this errand.

But, it being the Season of Potlatch, with many useful objects therefore on very attractive sales, I also purchased a traveling sleeve for Seventh Son the Chromebook, and an Oxo Anniversary Uplift teapot in brushed stainless, so that I don’t have to pour boiling water all over the stove, and me, whenever I want to make a cup of tea, and a canister of William-Sonoma drinking chocolate, which is an Utter Indulgence, but — yes, it was on sale.  And, you know, now I’ll have something to drink as a reward for shoveling the snow from the next storm, which, just by the way, is supposed to hit on Tuesday.

Well.  Maybe the storm after that one, then.

In other news, I finished one scene, and after I’m done chatting with you here, will finish setting up another before I call it a night, and that will see Fifth of Five aka Monkey Business at 55,000 words.

Slow going, yes.  Yes, it is.  But going, which is key.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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