Chapbook publishing update!

The titles of the new chapbooks are:

Cultivar: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 25
Heirs to Trouble: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 26

AMAZON remains obdurate. Several colleagues have suggested solutions that may get us by this hurdle. We will do our best to see these books published to Amazon; it is very much to our benefit to do so. But please understand that the problem is from Amazon’s end. We have done nothing except exactly what we’ve done for the 30-odd books we already have on sale at Amazon.

BN is willing, but struggling. Catalog pages have been created for both books and Nook swears that they’re published. However, the catalog pages are blank. We hope to see both books entirely on sale today.

BAEN EBOOKS HAS BOTH BOOKS ON SALE RIGHT NOW in all formats known to man. Here’s your link.

NOPE, SORRY.  HERE is the link to Cultivar on Baen

And HERE is the link to Heirs to Trouble on Baen

D2D states that Apple, Kobo, and Tolino have both titles for sale.

And now? I need coffee. No; strike that. I need tea.

8 thoughts on “Chapbook publishing update!”

  1. Sharon, the link you posted doesn’t work, even though Baen has the books if you’re willing to go slog thru the 8 or 10 pages of ebooks attributed to Sharon Lee.

    Error 404 “The page you requested does not exist”

  2. found them by searching in publishers at Baen and bought them although I already had Liaden Collection 3. Worth getting as no doubt you will benefit from extra sales. Thank you

  3. I’m always happy to buy anything that you offer for sale. Who cares if I already own in another collection? I’ll be happy to read them again. You two do a great job of making your novels accessible to new readers without doing boring info dumps, but I have learned that older novels and stories are always worth coming back to. Reading newer books changes the way I see the older ones on re-read.

    Amazon is kind of weird about copyrights. They won’t publish your new e-chapbooks, but they have a bunch of different ‘publishers’ re-packaging Andre Norton’s work in different ways, and I cannot believe they are all authorized. I did fall for a repackaging of another author’s work, and found it was terrible! I suspect someone scanned the books in, and made a poor effort at correcting the errors.

    Oh, and the books were not hard to find at Baen. I went to New Arrivals, then selected your name, and there they were! While I was there, I bought next month’s bundle, so I would not miss getting Neogenesis.

  4. Today has brought up Enlightenment from Amazon. They don’t want to publish the new chapbooks because — wait for it! — those stories already appear in another book for sale at Amazon (to wit! A Liaden Universe(R) Constellation, Volume 3). They seem to think that Baen is the copyright holder, or that we need a letter of reversion from them for using our own stories, after we sold Baen anthology rights, or, or…something. They’re very confused and I feel for the rep whose only recourse is to keep demanding the same four impossible “proofs” of our right to publish our own work.

    Eh. At least, they told us what will happen in four days (the letters all say we must reply in four days, with the “or, else” unspoken. If we don’t satisfy them in four days (now two days. I think), they will not publish the books. So, that.

    I’m glad the titles are easy to find at Baen. And thank you so much for sticking with us!

  5. Oi. I think there are some people who forgot to get in the ‘logic’ and ‘comprehension’ lines when skills and talents were being passed out…which doesn’t help matters along at all.

    However – yesterday I was able to search both chapbooks on Barnes & Noble and purchase Nook version with no issues!

    I hope you can get A straightened out!

    I’m looking forward to Neogenesis.

  6. Someone suggests that Amazon KDP “customer service” is robots all the way down. I think that there are people pushing the buttons, but their job is to specifically not to try to solve the problem, but to keep sending the same scripted email over and over until the customer shuts up. Whichever — a frustrating situation for the customer. And since we want to publish a brand-new chapbook in January/February, this customer is going to shut up.

    Neogenesis is coming right up, isn’t it!

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