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For those of you who are not regular readers at, there is a very good article about the Liaden Universe® (we’re classics!)  by the estimable Alan Brown. Read it, have fun with it, share it around in case some of your friends, like some of the folks in the comment thread, have not yet found our work.

Here’s the link.

So, mail call. My new pen and convertor did not arrive in today’s mail, which is something of a disappointment, as I could use something mindless to do. OTOH, it is scheduled to be delivered on Monday, which is a relief, because it will dodge the bullet of the Saturday Mailperson.

Am hopeful of receiving test results today, because I’m so done with being sick.  The coon cats continue to Keep Watch; this morning, I’ve had Sprite and Trooper in the office, in shifts.  Belle took the night shift, laying on my stomach and purring until I nodded off, then stretching herself along my side.

Sat with the novel yesterday and — I want to say brainstormed, but I don’t have anything like the level of energy needed for a storm.  Say brain-drizzled What Happens Next.  Rereading those notes this morning, I seem to have come up with more questions than answers, which is just about right.  Frustrating, mind you, but normal.

I see from my phone that Amazon has done what appears to be a major Look-and-Feel revamp of the Kindle app, with the apparent result that all my books are scrambled to heck and gone.  I suppose this is a Sign to get my tablet up, and download the upgrade while I can do damage control — and there’s my mindless thing to do, ta-da!

Steve did inspect the Last Possible House yesterday, and pronounces it Perfect for us! 20 years ago.  So the Hunt continues.

To sum up: Big plans for today include downloading the new Kindle app and sorting out my books; and looking up the answers to some the questions generated by yesterday’s brain-drizzle (others we have to solve by writing).  I’m thinking I can work in a nap, too, if I put some effort into it.

Nor’easter still on for the weekend, say the weatherbeans, and Steve is planning an expedition to town for supplies.

Everybody stay mellow.

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