Thus far…

So far this morning, have eaten excellent scrambled eggs and potatoes provided by Steve.

At breakfast, we figured out the ending of the cheater story, now titled “Due Diligence,” which also had the nice side-effect of straightening out the first scene, and providing a yummy scene in the middle (Lady yo’Lanna, For. The Win!).  So that can go forward and possibly be wrapped up today.

Have also started a loaf of Pullman bread.

Tomorrow, we’re due in Bangor for Active Bystander Intervention training, provided by the ACLU, and then the plan is to have lunch at the local family Italian restaurant.

So, what’re y’all doing that’s fun?


3 thoughts on “Thus far…”

  1. The story sounds very cool. If I remember correctly, the last time we saw Lady yo’Lanna was in Mouse and Dragon. Where and when is this going to be published?

  2. Well…we had a letter from her in “Street Cred,” but I agree that it’s just not the same.

    “Due Diligence” will most likely go into a Pinbeam Books echapbook. I have one more story to make the pair, so — publication soon, as the Publishing Biz counts such things, but not immediately.

  3. Am also in Bangor this weekend, but in the one in North Wales. Daughter needs help bring all her stuff home from uni. September will see her in year 3 of her Psychology degree 🙂

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