Everybody take a deep breath

No, we are NOT “ending the Liaden series” (or “killing the series” or “abandoning our readers” or “selling out”* or whatever other variation you like).

What We Are Doing Is This:

  1.  We are finishing the five-book arc which begins with Dragon in Exile (aka Dragon in Exile, Alliance of Equals, The Gathering Edge, Neogenesis, Fifth of Five (working title))
  2. We are also finishing the 20-book arc** which begins with Agent of Change (aka Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Mouse and Dragon, Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B, I Dare, Fledgling, Saltation, Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship, Necessity’s Child, Dragon in Exile, Alliance of Equals, The Gathering Edge, Neogenesis, Fifth of Five (working title))
  3. After Fifth of Five (working title) has been completed, Steve and I are under contract for five more Liaden novels in two chunks.
    1. Chunk One, consisting of two novels bearing the working titles of Liaden Mask Book One, and Liaden Mask Book Two
    2. Chunk Two, consisting of three novels bearing the working titles of Liaden Triple Threat Book One, Liaden Triple Threat Book Two, Liaden Triple Threat Book Three
    3. No, we don’t know what any of those titles will be “about”.  They will be Liaden Universe® novels, because the contracts so stipulate
  4. It remains hard to write the last book in two arcs at once.  Just so that’s clear.

I hope everyone is reassured now.  Thank you for reading, and for being so invested in our work. . .

*This one is really hard to figure out.  I thought that “selling out” means, um, taking a lot of money to do something questionable that would compromise one’s morals or good name.  I could be wrong, here, but I think the key to “selling out” is, well, SELLING, not just. . .stopping.

**or the 22-book arc, if you’re of the opinion that the Jethri Gobelyn books are in the main arc.  Not a 21-book arc.  Innumerate writer is innumerate.

14 thoughts on “Everybody take a deep breath”

  1. Can’t imagine where folks got the idea that you were ending the series; I certainly didn’t get that from anything I’ve read here or on Twitter. And I too will gladly read what ever Liaden or non-Liaden books you two care to write.

  2. While I would hate to see the Liaden Universe and Clan Korval disappear, I would understand if you got tired. It’s a lot of work. I am glad to hear you plan to continue the series, however long it takes you to do so. Everyone needs a break now and then. Take them when you need them 😀

  3. Sorry someone is jumping to false conclusions. While I concede that you might end the series sometime (after all, the sun is due to burn out someday), I have never thought to predict when or how; one of the things I love about your writing is how obvious everything seems after I read it, though it’s a complete mystery before.

    Tell the stories you have to tell and I will read them. That is the Contract.

  4. Wait, I had heard you were ACTUALLY Liadens, and after this book you were going back to Liad. That isn’t really true? Man, I am starting to think you can not trust ANYTHING on the Internet!

  5. I always figured that, if I went to Liad, as a fair number of people think they want to do, that I would mortally offend at Solcintra Port and die in a duel before every setting foot in the city.

  6. I was wondering, I’m very glad the series continues. I wish quality didn’t take sooo looong. But nothing will do but quality so I will sit on my hands and muster what patients I can. I hope both of you live long and prosper!

  7. It amazes me that some people feel entitled to attack a writer, songwriter, musician, singer, dancer, movie-maker, etc for not creating the exact work the person wants, or for being “greedy,” or for being “lazy,” when that person has enjoyed the previous creative works…just because they enjoyed the previous works.

    What we do is work, real work. It is sometimes fun work (and some people claim to enjoy cleaning house, and I personally enjoy driving a tractor (though not as much as writing, esp. in very hot weather since my tractor doesn’t have a sunshade built in, let alone AC, a radio, and an internet connection.) But it’s still work, and it still has deadlines and paperwork to file and all the other parts of running a business that are not ever “fun” by any definition. And because we take the risks of being self-employed, we also get to make the decisions about what projects to take on.

    I will be sad if ever the last Liaden-related story is announced–if you decide to do something else because something else is your preference, or your need, in the same way I’ll be sad if Green & Black’s ever quits making my favorite dark chocolate bars or changes the flavor. But in neither case will I throw a hissy fit about it. It’s your business, literally. Your choice. You can’t force me to read what you write (it would be hard to force me NOT to read it ) and I can’t force you to write anything you don’t want to write. And that’s the way it should be. And (since I’m in the dictatorial mood brought on by revisions) everyone should understand that from the get-go and not pester you.

    I will now dive back into my own work hellhole (that one that shows up at least once a book) and look forward to reading your stuff as soon as I’ve turned this in. One of yours, one of Tanya Huff’s.

  8. Yaaaassssss! (I have literally nothing intelligent to add, I’m just really excited.)

  9. Yay! Good news!

    The long arc finished? That could imply closure in DOI plots, and closure to genetic origins and relations between Terran-Liaden – Yxtrang, and the continued existence and purpose of the Troop/ Yxtrang race. It could even imply the end of the Sheriekas. Even the “finding” of Earth, with so many allusions to it.

    The next books — the masks — could possibly hopefully include children grown up? Lizzie, Syl Vor, Kenzie, Rys’ daughter Maysl….Anthora’s twins…

  10. Sharon, Steve:

    I really enjoy all your Liad stories (and the carousel stories too),
    and I really enjoyed Due Diligence, as well.

    I’m looking forward to five-of-five, resolving many of the cliffhangers in the previous several books: get Daav home, along with Aelliana, resolve the certain tensions sure to be felt by Kamele–even if Aelliana doesn’t have any such tensions, ValCon meets his true mother again, Theo meets Aelliana, brings her two “new” X-strain troops to meet up with Nelirik, Diglon, and Hazenthul, somehow fold the Yxstrang ambassador into the mix, find out what happens to Tully and Pilot Tocol, maybe some calming of tensions on SureBleak, demise (or at least decline) of the DOI, etc., etc., etc.

    I know that’s a tall order, and one book may not be big enough to do it all, but there’s the next set already contracted, so one can but hope, eh? 😉 😉

    But as with the other posters above, As long as you keep writin’ ’em, I’ll keep on reading ’em!

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