Beginning the week

So, the folks across the road from our back woods are building a house.  This is nothing new, they cleared the lot, oh, four years ago, and from time to time a truck and a couple guys would show up, perform Mystery Tasks and go away again.

Well, apparently they decided that This Summer is the Summer of the House, and they’ve been going at it, hammer, tongs, bulldozer, dump trucks, and electric drills from early to late.  Last night, the last dump truck delivery happened at 9:30, as I was reading a chapter from The Cat Who Saw Red (we alternate chapters), and the cats were in their places in the kitchen, listening avidly (big Koko fans in this house; though Trooper thinks Yum-Yum is just shy) — and we all jumped at least a foot when the gate slammed open.

It’s gotten to the point that I can’t really figure out what they can be building down there.  Based on the amount of activity, it may well be an apartment complex.  Or possibly a space elevator.

In other news, work goes forth.  For the record, writing the last book in a five-book arc, which is simultaneously the last book in a 21-book arc — is hard.

Who knew?

Today included baking another couple loaves of bread, which turned out well, and have been tucked into the freezer next to a half-loaf of last Friday’s Pullman bread.  I think we’re good for bread for the next week or so.  Which is a mixed blessing.  May have to switch to making cookies for displacement activity — which is a much more perilous undertaking.

I have, in between this and that, finished the first draft of “Due Diligence,” and have put it aside to rest while I pursue other work.  Such as choosing and reading the next story for our Patreon supporters*.

Speaking of which, I have one more bit of business to finish this evening, and then I’m done for the day.

Everybody stay cool.

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2 thoughts on “Beginning the week”

  1. Wait, what? Are you going to end your Liaden series, or did I misread your post? Sorry if you’ve covered this but I just stumbled on your blog through Amazon. I hope I misread it as I have avidly read your books since the first one was published way back when and have enjoyed your work immensely.

  2. Well…I just went back and read what I wrote, which was this:

    For the record, writing the last book in a five-book arc, which is simultaneously the last book in a 21-book arc — is hard.

    It looks to me that what I said was that we’re finishing a mini-arc and a large arc in the same book, and it’s hard.

    After Fifth of Five (the book we’re working on now, which concludes the five-book mini-arc &c), we have five more Liaden books under contract.

    Thanks for writing, and sorry for having upset you — among a bunch of other people, too, according to my inbox.

    So, nobody’s running out of Liaden stories to read (or write) for. . .a while yet.

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