Yesterday and (a few) tomorrows

So, yesterday, we goofed off, and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2D).  I had a great time with it, though I didn’t come away with ribs sore from laughing, as reported by some.  Excellent gosh-wow space opera — and Rocket, of course.  Recommended.

I believe this completes my list of must-see movies for this year.

Local folks!  Steve and I will be signing books and talking (try to stop us!) at Barnes and Noble, 9 Marketplace Drive, Augusta, Maine, on SATURDAY, May 13, from 1-3 pm (that’s, like, the day after tomorrow!).  More information here.  (Yes, we know there’s an error in the names, but the rest of the info’s good.)

The B&N gig is our last pro appearance until we hit Pittsburgh for Confluence in August, which we’re really looking forward to.  Here’s your link to the Confluence website.

Those who have read The Gathering Edge — please consider leaving a review on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, &c.  We are once again trying to get one hundred! reviews on, and we’re already more than halfway there.  The more reviews a book has, the more attention Amazon pays to it in promotions and whatnot, so your help is really appreciated.

For those who have not heard the news, we have a new goal at Patreon, and! every other week (more or less), we’re posting a patron-exclusive audio file of Steve or me reading a story.  Steve kicked it off with “A Night at the Opera,” I read “Gift of Music,” and upcoming — this weekend! — will be Steve again, reading “Charioteer.”  Check it out, here.

. . .I think that catches us up. Thank you for all you do — and hope to see those who can make the journey at Barnes and Noble, on Saturday.

To get you warmed up, here’s a picture of Steve, assembling Photographic Evidence.

One thought on “Yesterday and (a few) tomorrows”

  1. I loved “The Gathering Edge”. It was even better than your last. I’m so glad that Theo is back!

    Side note: It’s nice when authors add “honors” (slightly disguised names) but it’s better when they are disguised a tad more, for me. (“Menolly Anamac” was just TOO close!!!) Maybe–dunno— “M’en Oli”, or some such, would not have broken the immediate spell, and dragged me into a different author’s world.

    “DeLameters” a little bit too, in– I think– Agent of Change, but that one only because “LaDemeters” just doesn’t have any rhythmic flow…

    Minor niggles only: please keep on writing the amazingly great stories that you do so well!

    I love, love your work and your amazing characters. Your stories are some of my all-time favorites, and I re-read them all, with delight every time. Thank you, and please write more!

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