The Gathering Edge festivities calendar

I may have mentioned once or twice that The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the twentieth novel set in the star-spanning Liaden Universe®, will be published in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook, on May 2 (holy cow, that’s Tuesday!)

Just to get the love going, here are some pre-Book Day activities for you.

First, if you haven’t read it yet, there’s “Cutting Corners” at  It’s free to read, until May 14, and it’ll get you in the mood for The Gathering EdgeHere’s your link.

On Saturday, April 29, Patreon patrons will have a new goody waiting for them — Sharon Lee (hey, that’s me!) reading “The Gift of Music”.  Yes, it’s set in Archers Beach, instead of the Liaden Universe®, but it’ll get you psyched, I promise!  Not a patron yet?  Here’s your link.

On Monday, May 1, Steve and I will be doing an A(sk) M(e) A(nything) at Reddit.  You do need to be registered with Reddit to participate, so get that set up beforehand so you don’t miss a thing!  Here’s the link to sign up.

Tuesday, May 2, is the Big! Day!  The Gathering Edge will be released to the thousands who have been patiently awaiting its arrival, and!  It will get Very Quiet on the internets, while people settle down to read their book.

Wednesday, and Thursday, the internets will be abuzz as people discuss The Gathering Edge, quietly, so as not to spoil it for those who read slower, or who are waiting for the mass market, and Friday!

Friday, Steve and I will be featured on the Baen Free Radio Hour, talking about?  The Gathering Edge.

Wow, what a line-up, am I right?

But, wait!  There’s more.

On Saturday, May 13, from 1-3 pm, Barnes and Noble in the Augusta (Maine) Marketplace will be hosting Steve and I at a meet ‘n greet book signing.  We hope to see you — yes, you! — there.

I’ll tell you a secret, just to kick things off.  Back when, just after Agent of Change came out the first time (as a mass market original, in January 1988), Steve and I, ahem, were really, really excited.  And our elders in publication at that time told us that, if we survived to publish more books, the release of a new one would become. . .mundane. Boring.

You know what, though?

We’ve published nineteen novels now, with the twentieth, as we may have mentioned, coming right up, and?

It NEVER gets old.

Let the dancing being.

4 thoughts on “The Gathering Edge festivities calendar”

  1. The library’s copy arrived yesterday, and already we have a line of people waiting to read it! Congratulations on your upcoming book birthday ~

  2. Would you happen to know the time for the Baen Free Reading Hour pacific daylight time? Thanks

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