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It is a truism of the freelance lifestyle that one lives always in pleasant anticipation of the arrival of money, and this morning was no different than any other in that regard.

I make a clean breast at once.  Today, we did not get money in the mail.

Today, we got something better.

I have here in my hand a letter from David Mattingly, enclosing the first of 50 prints of the wrap-around cover for Neogenesis, the twenty-first novel in the Liaden Universe®.  David also kindly compliments the book, letting us know that he felt a “special connection.”

We also find that Amazon today has put up a catalog page for Neogenesis, which includes the publisher’s synopsis.  Here’s that link.

And here is the cover art:

There are forty-nine more prints available.  Apply to David Mattingly, if you would like to purchase one.  Here’s a link.

3 thoughts on “Today in the Liaden Universe®”

  1. A jewel of a cover, in true David Mattingly tradition! I wish I could afford one, but I’ll have one in the best form available to me, wrapped around a new Lee & Miller novel!

  2. Wonderful cover art! To go with what I know will be a wonderful book. And so happy to see that it will be released in January 2018. So happy that I have already pre-ordered it on Amazon. Am now searching Amazon to see if I can order a time machine from them too.

    Anne in Virginia

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