Procrastinators Take Note

Uncle Hugo is taking pre-orders for signed and/or personalized* copies of the hard-bound edition of The Gathering Edge, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

The deadline for ordering personalized copies is April 1.

Repeat:  The deadline for ordering personalized copies is April 1.

Here’s your link to instructions and order form: Pre-order The Gathering Edge from Uncle Hugo.


*”Personalized” means that the authors will write, in addition to their names, a salutation requested by the reader.  The authors retain the right to refuse to inscribe any salutation for Reasons.

3 thoughts on “Procrastinators Take Note”

  1. Deteriorating eyesight and lack of shelf space together mean that I go for ebooks instead of treebooks; but I wonder if there is any way for signed/personalised ebooks???

  2. I can think of a way to do signed ebooks, but it would require a separate/specialized download, which introduces all kinds of a mess, because People, Following Directions &c. Personalizations adds another level of complexity. You’d have to pre-order the ebook, get a download key for YOUR ebook. The author would get upload the personalizations, and someone would have to “insert” them, or the author would have the key and “personalize” each book. It makes me twitchy just thinking about it…

  3. I kind of suspected it wasn’t likely – so perhaps I will print out a suitable comment from this blog, or Korval on facebook, and shove it in my ereader. Thanks for thinking about it.

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