Five Minutes of Fame

I am reminded to remind you (which sounds like a Cheap Trick song, but isn’t) that!


The Liaden Universe® as a Thing is eligible for the Best Series Hugo being test driven at this year’s worldcon.

Also eligible are Alliance of Equals (Best Novel category, Baen); Wise Child (Novelette,; Friend of a Friend (Novelette, Pinbeam Books, Sleeping with the Enemy); Shame the Devil (Short Story, Zombies Need Brains, Alien Artifacts ), by Lee and Miller

And! These titles by Sharon Lee are eligible:  The Wolf’s Bride (Novelette, Splinter Universe); Will-o’-the-Wisp (short story, Splinter Universe)

Hugo Nominations close on March 17.


Lee and Miller will be Author Guests of Honor at MidSouthCon 36, March 9-11, 2018, Memphis, TN.


Change Management: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 23, including novellas “Street Cred,” and “Wise Child,” is now available for purchase at Baen Ebooks.  Here’s your link.


4 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Fame”

  1. Change Management is nice. Wise Child is maybe a bit dark for my current mood, but I really enjoyed Street Cred.

  2. Memphis! My home town..perhaps I can wrangle a visit to coincide with your GoH appearance. ::looks into future plans folder and makes a few notes::

  3. I just finished Street Cred and find I love the idea of “street qe’andra”. What a surely Surebleakian thing.

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