Sharon Lee Amazon Author Page Error

Eventually, I think, this will show up on my vastly changed and wholly false Amazon Author Page, and is the best way I can think of to inform people who may actually depend upon that page for information.

Sometime in the last few days, Amazon appears to have deleted the Sharon Lee Amazon Author Page.  The link to that page which used to be appear at the bottom of the catalog pages for all of our books has vanished.  The author page itself now only shows three titles — none of them written by me and/or Steve and I, all of them in German.

Also, in what appears to be a continuation of the same problem, the information that should be available to me as an author on Amazon’s Author Central — such as sales figures, reviews, rankings, titles of books — have also vanished.

I do not know what happened, and I don’t expect it to be fixed, really, but at least now the three people beside myself who might care about this know what happened, if not why.

One thought on “Sharon Lee Amazon Author Page Error”

  1. Make that at least 4 people, more likely 4000. I just left feedback on Amazon asking for them to bring back the real Sharon Lee. Good luck.

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