In Which the Author Needs Eyes On, Please

For those who have been following the Case of the Disappearing Books, it seems that, what with One Thing and That Other One Over There, books — even books which are properly our books — have been re-accounted to my Amazon bibliography.

And it is now that I would ask those who have a few minutes to help me out.

It would be a Very Good Thing Indeed to have as many eyes as possible scrutinizing the catalog pages for our various titles to (1) be sure that the link to the Sharon Lee Author Page is, in fact, on that page, (2) that the link actually goes to the proper Sharon Lee Author Page, and! (3) that the Author Page displays Proper Lee-and-Miller, and Lee, titles.

If you find a catalog page that does not have the Author Page link, would you leave a link to that page in comments, please.

Thank you very much for all you do.

7 thoughts on “In Which the Author Needs Eyes On, Please”

  1. I can’t say for sure that every book that should be there is there, but every book I expected to find is there, plus one surprise (but valid – an anthology you contributed to). No German non-fiction this morning. Or even German fiction.

  2. Your Author Page on does have neither a picture nor a biography. That is probably a secondary concern for you right now, but if you want to do something about it, I’m offering to translate the blurb from the Amazon US page, should you find that helpful.

    As for Amazon US, searching for “Alliance of Equals” gives me the “other” Sharon Lee Author page as second hit, which probably isn’t good.

    “Trade Secret” has the wrong Steve Miller page linked – see

    “Alliance of Equals” ( does not link to Steve’s author page but only to a generic “Steve Miller” search page. I guess that’s also true for all other books that do not have a Steve Miller link right on the search page.

  3. 1. If you search Liaden Universe the list that comes up of all your books have a valid link for you. But on this main list page if Steve’s name is not linked and you go to individual books he then links to a list of your books not his author page.

    2. Also if you go to the Adventures in the Liaden Universe ® (22 Book Series) Kindle Edition:
    shows both your names twice and those links go to the list pages not your author pages.

    3. your Local Custom: Liaden Universe® (Liaden Universe Space Regencies) Audio book does not link to your author page

    4. Liaden Universe combo volumes (3 Book Series) Kindle Edition does not link to your author page nor Steve’s.

    Serach for Sharon Lee.
    Alliance of equals shows as just Sharon. not Sharon and Steve and does not have a link to author.

    Dragon variation (combo book 1) Shows boith auhors but the link goes to a rather generic page with no picture or bio information (same for both authors). I could swear Steve’s used to have a bio. Same for Fledgling

    Dragon in exile (still on the search for Sharon Leesearching this way) just shows SHARON LEE (upper case no link) as the author. Ditto GATHERING EDGE (title in upper case missing ‘THE’)

    Saltation shows both authors but no link from Steve

    It looks about as consistent as the POTUS’ tweets.

    Taking an author link for Steve Miller shows yet more inconsistency and only shows 5 books. (Constallation 1, Tarde Secret, Dragon ship, Constallation 2 all of which show both authors with links, and Dragon Ship shows as by Sharon Lee and Eileen Stevens (neither with links)
    It gets better – WHILE ON that link
    ANOHER Steve Miller shows up on the left which has far more of the books that one is a different URL

    At that p[oint I’m afraid IO gave up…

  5. The good news is that searching on Sharon Lee brought up The Gathering edge etc and a link to your author page. The bad news is that there is no link to Steve Miller. Thus perhaps you were fixed by breaking his links. If you click on Gathering Edge and then that Steve Miller you get _Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition_ Feb 17, 2017 which I presume was written by a different Steve Miller. I can see why Ilona Andrews chose to give up and rename themselves thus. I am sorry that you are dealing with this bother instead of writing.

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