Amazon Sharon Lee Author Page Error Take Three

Hello Sharon,

Thanks for contacting Author Central.

I've reviewed your request and I can now confirm that the customer reviews are showing up in your Author Central account.

I've made some changes as well internally because as you stated they were German books under your account, those books are removed and they will not be added again.

Regarding the books with Steve Miller, I apologize to see that they are not showing up on your account, I would recommend you to add them once again or you can provide us with the ISBN or ASIN number of those books and we will add them for you.

I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,
Sofia H.

9 thoughts on “Amazon Sharon Lee Author Page Error Take Three”

  1. This is only the third time this has happened, after all. For no reason that I am allowed to know. Because. . .why would I care?

  2. Sorry to say have just logged on to your page – and …. the German books are still there!!!!

  3. Crud and dirt on Amazon’s floors. They should not be so inattentive of their Authors tools. I hope all this resolves itself peacefully so my favorite writing team can get on with the business of those new books.

  4. Cut and paste just the ISBNs into a list and send those in? They didn’t ask for titles & ISBNs. Make Amazon do as much of the work as you can. Actually we fans could probably make up a listing of titles and ISBNs for you if you would like. (That way your time can be better spent writing Book 5.)

  5. P.S. I just checked Amazon and the three German books are down. Also the Steve Miller Author page still lists everything; maybe you could just ask Amazon to use that page as a reference?

  6. That’s a LOT of cutting and pasting at this point in life. I’m going to ask for the help of fans tomorrow, I think, to spot check the catalog pages for me, but it apparently takes at least 24 hours for anything to propagate through Amazon’s various systems.

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