Wednesday To-Do List

  1. Do dishes
  2. Clean cat fountain
  3. Clean bathroom
  4. Print out section to be hand-edited
  5. Prep Number Ten Ox and load thumb drive with working files
  6. Pack
  7. Explain the schedule for the next few days to Trooper and Scrabble (also to Belle and Sprite, who will immediately forget all about it, and start to panic about elevensies on Thursday, whereupon Trooper or Scrabble will have to talk them down and Review)

Steve and I will be handing the Keys to the Cat Farm to the housesitter early tomorrow morning, after which we’ll be getting on the road to Providence, and the Rhode Island Comic Con.  Since this convention doesn’t have a literature track, we will not be doing any panels, or readings, but we will be at the Wordfire Press booth in the Dealer’s Room at Booth 124, signing books and creating mischief.

Everybody stay safe.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday To-Do List”

  1. Number Ten Ox? Do I detect a reference to the inimitable Barry Hughart’s work? Please say I do!

  2. I’m considering a fountain for my tribe of tiny tigers. Were there any training/introduction steps needed to get your feline overlords and ladies to buy in to the idea and use of it? Also, too, fountains have filters, yes?

  3. There was no hesitation at all, in accepting the fountain. As far as I recall, there was universal enthusiasm. Warning: some cats do like to splash in the fountain, and will therefore track soggy feet through the house. Around there, this is only an issue if Belle jumps on the desk and walks over story notes with her big, wet feet and smears the ink.

    Yes to filters. They don’t seem to make the kind of fountain we have any longer, but it’s related to this:

  4. My cat seemed to object to the noise of the motor, when I tried one (cheap). He drinks LOTS of water (early kidney failure).

    What is the noise level of this one?
    Thank you.

  5. It’s very quiet; the ceramic doesn’t vibrate like plastic does. It is pretty expensive, but not as expensive as having to take the cat to the vet because she’s not drinking enough.

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