Time isn’t holding up; time isn’t after us

So, I’m trying something…newish with Neogenesis.  What I’m trying — it isn’t actually new, but it is stretching —  codifying — something I naturally do in storytelling, mostly because of how I tend to think.  Anyone who has tried to hold a conversation with me will know that I skip from here to there to over there, and back again, all the threads related, however tenuously, and interspersed with mini-stories.  I’m told it’s exhausting.


For this book, I’m trying to take control of that tendency to bounce around and use it, consciously, as a solid structure.  And, it’s kinda kicking my butt.  I tell myself that at least it will be an unusual book.  Unusual’s good, amirite?

In other news, annual medical exams have been take care of, car maintenance has been taken care of .  Steve and I have voted.  Sadly, this has not kept any political ads, or phone calls out of our sphere.  There really ought to be a filter you can apply to your phone and your computer once you’ve done your civic duty, so you don’t have to be bombarded anymore.  Somebody get to work on that, will you?

Today, I really ought to vacuum, and make the bed, too; but everybody’s sleeping so nicely. . .and it’s not like I don’t have anything else to keep me occupied.

Maybe later.

Oh.  And today’s blog title is, of course, courtesy of Talking Heads; Once in a Lifetime.  Here’s your link.


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