In which work goes forth

So!  Neogenesis now clocks in at 68,505 words, which actually means very little, but it looks like progress.  What y’all need to know is that the book to this point (about midway, as we discussed elsewhere) is squared up, and I’m confident that the action which proceedeth therefrom will not follow a crooked path.

Or at least, an unintended crooked path.

Tomorrow, I get to write New Stuff, including, it says here, a Sneaky Break-in.  Cool.  I’ve been wanting to write a Sneaky Break-in for a long while, now, and I know just the people who can carry it off.

Raining here; snow up-country tonight.  They say.

Everybody stay dry.


Cha’trez, I believe that I shall return to active duty. You will do Korval honor, I know.”


2 thoughts on “In which work goes forth”

  1. I believe Merlin is the obvious and best choice for a Sneaky Break-in.

    No one does Sneaky like a cat standing behind you in the kitchen.

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