Which wolf wins?

Well, it looks like we need a little bit of catch-up hereabouts.

Before I forget, there are, as of this writing 155 reader reviews for Alliance of Equals on Amazon US*.  That’s just 45 reviews short of our goal of 200!  You guys are incredible; thank you so much for making the time!

Life at the Confusion Factory remains, er. . .more confused than we would like.  While some confusion necessarily accompanies what we’ll dignify as The Creative Lifestyle, chaos is. . .not so good.  Sadly, this particular round of chaos is not of our making, and the only thing we can do right now is ride the storm, answer the phone, and be prepared to leap off in All Directions at Once at the sounding of the whistle.  The cats are sitting on us whenever we come to rest, which is more help than it sounds like, however. . .

We have asked, and received, an extension for handing in the next book (still without a title, argh), originally scheduled for an August 15 turn-in (which is, like, 12 days from now).  We’re now looking at turning the book in by the end of 2016.  See “chaos” above.

Despite the on-going uncertainties, this past weekend was a working weekend; we took a short break on Sunday to celebrate Steve’s birthday with a meal that neither of us had to cook, at Governor’s, followed by ice cream and cake at home.  We also made time to view “Tomorrowland,” which we’ve had for ages, thanks to the kind offices of a friend.  Since someone had asked me to tell them what I thought of the movie, eventually:  we very much enjoyed it.  Bear in mind that we also enjoyed “Jupiter Ascending,” “Ondine,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “The Legend of Roan Inish.”

I do want to take this time, in between waves of chaos, to thank everyone for their interest in, and support of, our work.  Whether you review our books, push them on unsuspecting friends, donate to Patreon, or PayPal, or simply buy and enjoy the stories — you mean a great deal to us.  Thank you.

Today’s blog title is brought to you by “Tomorrowland,” and is the punchline of a riddle:  There are two wolves and they are always fighting.  One is Darkness and Despair; the other is Light and Hope.  Which wolf wins?**

So, that.

Everybody stay calm.  Hug the people you love.  Pet the cat.  Call your mom.

I’ll see you on the flip side.

*Someone had asked if Amazon UK reviews “counted.”  Well, of course they count — thank you.  They do not, however, contribute to the Big Pile of Reviews we’re attempting to amass at Amazon US, because, for reasons best known to itself, Amazon does not cross-pollinate the reviews from its various country-sites.

**The one you feed

9 thoughts on “Which wolf wins?”

  1. Hope your “chaos” comes to a peaceful resolution. Your books have been great comfort to me during my times of chaos. Thank you for doing what you do and providing welcome respite in a crazy world. 🙂 Warm Hugs sent your way.

  2. but the extension does not mean you’ll be able to go to Worldcon after all 🙁

  3. Sharon,
    Sorry to hear about the chaos. I tend to favor the Light and Hope Wolf, myself, so keep plugging away. Maybe this will bring a smile. Number one daughter (a big fan of yours, you and Steve spoke at Bowdoin College on an invite from her, backaways) is at the New York Academy of Sciences Leadership Conference discussing how to deal with individuals of differing “statuses”. This brought to mind melant’i and thus Tolly’s discussion of melant’i with Admiral Bunter has been brought to the instructor’s attention. You and Steve do get around!

  4. “Everybody stay calm. Hug the people you love. Pet the cat. Call your mom.”

    No cat, but I regularly hug the dog, care for the people I love, and call my mom (who is 85.)

  5. Can’t call my mom anymore, so I called my Dad, who misses her, too, probably even more than I do. (Thanks for the prod to do that.)

    Hope your chaos settles down soon.

  6. So, while very much wishing to not be indelicate or rude (when I was a child we were taught to never talk about money. Boy did I have to get over that!) would the chaos be in any way reduced if I were to add a mite to my Patreon pledge? Your books have brought me much, and I could give a little more back…

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