Monday’s news and reviews

So, Book the Next is moving once more.  I had to recuse myself from writing while I got the structure sorted out.  I very rarely have to wrestle a book’s structure three falls out of five, so, hey — new experience.  Yay?

Spell Bound, including two Archers Beach stories by Sharon Lee, is now for sale on Amazon, BN, iBooks, Kobo, as well as Scribd, Tolino, 24Symbols, and Page Foundry.

Pinbeam Books does have a new distributor, and the first batch of five books will be going up in September.  Watch the skies.

Also!  All Pinbeam chapbooks have been taken off-sale at Smashwords and brought over to Draft2Digital.  I’m really glad I didn’t know exactly how much work that was going to be when I decided to make the move.

The cats, by which I of course mean the coon cats, have, in a surfeit of love, broken the wicker basket that was for some years the manuscript-in-progress basket.  I suppose it was inevitable.  Wicker can only bear so much.  I’m now of two minds — should I replace the basket with a sturdier basket?  Or! Should I just remove the remains of the wicker basket and not replace it at all?   It’s not like I can use it for manuscripts anymore, after all.  And I Have Faith that cats will use that corner of the desk, whether there’s a basket there or not.

Experimentation may be in order.

As I write this, there are 193 reader reviews of Alliance of Equals on Amazon!  We only need seven! more! to hit our goal of 200 reviews.  Thanks to everyone who took the time — and, if you haven’t reviewed, and do have a couple minutes — that would be so very awesome.

In Cat Garden news, I have arrived at and installed two solar light-sticks — one green; one blue.  The green one appears to return more sunlight to the garden at night than the blue one — but it’s early days.  The blue may need some extra time to stoke up.  One needs be patient with items bought on clearance.

I think that’s all I’ve got this morning.  It’s to the gym, then home and work for me.

How’s your Monday shaping up?

Scrabble in her rocker August 11 2016

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