The root of all your problems is that you don’t look like me

Well, let’s see. . .

Several questions from the depths of the Roll Call, so! Answers.

*Book tours happen at the whim and/or planning of the publisher.  If we have helpers on the ground, Steve and I will occasionally do a book tour, or visit a bookstore local to the vicinity of an SF convention or WorldCon.  We were in Colorado some years back — 2006, I think — as GoHs at CoSine; and in Denver Itself for the WorldCon in 2008.  We did not do a bookstore tour at either of those cons; the local bookstores being largely uninterested in having second-string scifi writers come to their stores.  We are Further Constrained by the fact that we don’t fly, which limits the venues to which the publisher can economically send us.  Which is to say:  Unless we’re in Denver for Another Reason, and one or two or three of the local stores are willing to host a signing, our book tours, at least, will probably not reach Denver.

*I’m not certain I understand either the need or the desirability for a Collected Liaden Works for Kindle.  That being said…to the best of my knowledge, Baen is selling two bundles of novels — Korval’s Legacy and Phase Change, but I think that only gets you ten or twelve.  Surely, if one has a Kindle, there’s a way to make a category, say, LIADEN, and stick all your Liaden books under that category?  Just a thought.

*The reason we have not Mentioned the Rest of the Geography, Fauna, and Population (if any) of Planet Surebleak is because!  all the stories thus far have happened in the Port and the City, and neither Steve nor I feel like writing a Forbes Guide to the Surebleak Outback.


As reported elsewhere, you may now pre-order the Audible version of Alliance of EqualsHere’s the link.

Yes, we are aware that Audible has the book listed as AN Alliance of Equals; we have written to them on the topic.


It’s a warm and pleasant day  here at the Confusion Factory.  I have vacuumed, and done a blankie run, the latter no doubt being the reason why I have three Large Cats asleep on my desk, all within the reach of my hand.  The coffeepot is hissing through its cleaning cycle; and I need to sort laundry.  After lunch, I will make a Sincere Effort to actually add words to the working manuscript.

I hope everyone is having a fine and relaxing day.


Today’s blog title is brought to you by Julie Brown, “Brand New Girl.”  Here’s your link.

Sprite and Steve June 14 2016

9 thoughts on “The root of all your problems is that you don’t look like me”

  1. I’m imagining a Steve Forbes guide to Surebleak. He’d have liked it better before Pat Rin and the rest of Korval arrived, I’m thinking.

  2. Kobo eReaders definitely allow the Making of Lists/Categories so I imagine that Kindle is the same.

  3. Kindle 2nd gen does not, which I have! So I keep a list by author printed on my computer, which I print out periodically and keep with the kindle. In case you have not noticed…Kindle does not KNOW HOW to alphabetize correctly. Most annoying. My list is up to 20 pages, 2 columns wide. The 21st page has the entire Liaden series in Chronological reading order! I am a little OCD, and a cataloger, I can’t help myself!

  4. Kindle does have some frustrating ways of listing books and making it difficult to find a book. I do like using it to read ebooks.

  5. I just made two “collections” inside the Kindle app on my tablet. I made “Read” and “To Be Read,” and added the appropriate books to each group.

    THE PROBLEM (in case anyone from Amazon reads here — cuing laugh track) is that books assigned to collections still show up in a big, unorganized clump on the Library Page. In a Rational Universe (according to Rolanni), after a book has been assigned to a “collection,” it ought not to be displayed on the splash page. Only the book(s) you are currently reading ought to be there.

    But, yeah, “collections” can be created by the reader. It’s a pain in the keister, besides being Not Exactly Intuitive, but — it can be done.

  6. I don’t know why we can’t have a virtual bookcase. We ought to be able to move books around on the “bookcase” so we can sort them however we choose. It can’t be hard and it would make life so much easier. I am so frustrated by not being able to sort within collections even. Like reading order in a series……..

  7. I have been reading online on my iPad, instead of the Kindle, though still using the Kindle application. I know it isn’t good for reading outside but for some reason the library works much better! I gave up on trying to make “collections” using my old Kindle. I have a Kindle Fire I was given, but honestly haven’t done much with it.
    Readers Unite! Perhaps someone can figure out a great “fix” for this (other than just using hard paper books which also wander off at times) and donate a percentage to our favorite writers.

  8. My old paper white Kindle lets me add to (and create) collections by moving the 5-way controller to the right (and selecting add to collection) when I have a book selected. All my Lee & Miller are in one collection and don’t show in the general list on my kindle. Sorting could be better, but the collections definitely help. When I forget reading order, I go to the web. When authors don’t have lovely recommended & chronological lists (thank you Sharon & Steve), Wikipedia is good … Just don’t read their book descriptions – full of spoilers.

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