The hurrier I go…

. . .the behinder I get.


So!  Book the Next has shrunk again, as last night I Officially Removed that questionable 5,652 words, and placed it in a file named “Five of 5.”

This brings the word count for Book the Next right down to 32,777.  As a colleague said, “It would be so much easier, if writing a novel were only about stringing words together until you have enough.”

So, that.


One more question from the Roll Call:  Will there be a Jethri and Tan Sim story?

…one assumes that this is not a request for slash, but for a novel, and the answer is — Don’t know.  It’s not on the current list, but we’re pretty sure to have another list, sometime in future.  What we chose to write about is predicated on a number of factors, the most important of which is — What do we feel like writing?  As people frequently mention, it takes us a long time to write a book — far too long, in fact, to live with characters we dislike or a story we didn’t really want to write.


Several people in a number of venues have asked where they can find more of Tolly Jones.  This is pursuant to yesterday’s posting of “Wise Child” (which is here, if you missed it).  Tolly, of course, makes an appearance in Dragon in Exile, and is also present in Alliance of Equals and! Book the Next.

There is some curiosity about Where Disian Came From.  First I heard of her was in Book the Next, when Tolly casually said something, and I was like, “Wait, what?”

Folks also want to know the “rest” of Disian’s story — which, she having arrived fully formed, so to speak, I happen to know!   Sorta.  What I don’t know yet is where that story belongs.  And, no (to forestall a frequent variation on a theme) I won’t just tell youJust telling you is not a story, but it very well may ruin the story, in that, having just told you, I’ll be bored, and won’t write it.

Writers are twisty wights, no getting around it.


Steve and I have had a go at putting together a blog tour for Alliance, and our first stop was at YA Authors You Never Heard Of.


He’d asked Disian, once, how moving through Jump looked to her. And she’d waxed rhapsodic enough that he’d decided right then and there that a man might have no better use of his time than to seek out the Uncle and offer to do whatever it took, so long as he ended up downloaded as the main brain of a spaceship.

YOU I said no pictures June 11 2016

10 thoughts on “The hurrier I go…”

  1. Sharon, My mom, gone these six years, use the same phrase often. Thanks for the nod, even if ya didn’t know. The hurrier I go the behinder I get.

  2. Love that last little teaser. I’m sure that Tolly and The Uncle will get along wonderfully — and I hope that I can live long enough to read about their adventures together (since I’m 85 already, that’s not an idle comment)!

  3. My maths teacher used to say ‘Festina lente’ Make haste slowly – in his case meaning really think about things before you rush in and use the first solution you see because there might be a more elegant solution.
    It usually meant he’d do the proof in under 1 page when we’d all taken multiple pages or working.

    I’ve tried to apply that in most things being a natural procrastinator…

  4. Here’s the text of an email I just received that might make you smile:

    Re: Recommend a Title – Alliance of Equals
    To ca2balloon


    Thank you for recommending a title to the Sacramento Public Library. This title will be ordered. Given the volume of suggestions regularly received, Library staff do not notify patrons as items become available to place a hold. We request that you check the catalog within 14 days if you would like to reserve a copy to check out.

    Thank you for your interest in the Sacramento Public Library’s collection. If you would like more information, you may contact the library at 264-2920.

    Please do not respond to this email. For questions or concerns please contact us via:

    Circulation Services
    Sacramento Public Library
    828 I Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814

  5. That Fluff you’re sqweezing looks like none other than Grumpy McGrumperston…and I’m sure he’s experiencing an exquisite injury to his dignity. His facial expression is, well, eloqwent. As to other subjects, The Wise Child made good use of the power available to her. And I hope to see Tolly again.

  6. I don’t quite read the quote as Tolly actually intending to go try that with the Uncle, but I have to say, it would be one elegant solution to giving the Directors the slip ….

    Meanwhile I am wondering if Bechimo and Disian will meet/have met, and just how the Lyre Institute, the DOI, and the Enemy of old are connected….

  7. I very much enjoyed WISE CHILD and look forward to seeing more of Tolly. One of the (many) strengths of your writing is the way even minor characters become realized persons so that I care about them and want to see more of them. This skill you have for characterization gives texture and depth to the story…although you guys are no slackers when it comes to plotting either!

    Anne in Virginia

  8. Five of five? Should you introduce it to Seven of Nine? SORRY! Couldn’t help myself, had to say it.

    BIG KITTY! Tall momma!! ?

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