The glamour. . .

Added to today’s to-do list:
Take Kineo the Wonder Subaru in to town to have her State inspection done.  Yes, that is the State inspection that was to have been done in May.  Happily, Mr. Smith, in town, has a 1:00 slot open.

Also added to today’s list:
Go to the town office and pay the excise tax on Kineo the Wonder Subaru.  Why, yes! That was supposed to have been done in May, too.

What?  I was busy!

Today’s to-do list therefore looks like this:

  1.  Promo copy — due today!  (Steve is lead on this; I’m on second)
  2.  Print out and read “Wise Child,” one! more! time!, keeping an eye out for Really Egregious Errors
  3.  Print out the first 30,000-ish words of Book The Next and read it
  4.  Do something about the laundry other than wince
  5.  Vacuum.  My ghod, where did All This Fur come from?
  6.  Get Kineo’s State Inspection done
  7.  Pay excise tax and get shiny new May 2017 stickers for the license plate

. . .that’ll do.

Here, have a picture of Steve practicing dance at the Light Street Waterworks (I have no idea what its proper name is):

Steve does improv at Light Street Waterworks May 2016


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