In which it’s time to start the next book

So, today I read what there is of Book the Next, formerly Fourth of Five.

. . .it’s not bad.

It is, of course, all in narrative chunks by character. Structure-wise, it may stay that way.  Or not.  I still have about a quarter-zillion pages of hand-written notes to go through, but the happy news is that the action in The Gathering Edge — which y’all won’t get to read until next May — actually fills a vexed hole in the story lines, instead of Making Moot All that Has Been Written.  I really wish my back-brain would get me the memos on this stuff before I decide that I’m the least competent author in seven states.

In other news, it’s Quite Warm here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  All three of the coon cats were in the living room with me, early, helping to read the manuscript.  Because of the creeping warmth, I had revolving occupation of my lap, starting with Belle, who was replaced by Trooper, who was replaced by Sprite.  Right now, Trooper and Sprite are assisting me in my office, where the lights are out, the fan is on, and the windows are open.  The good news is that the weatherbeans are calling for a much cooler tomorrow, which is great, though I’ll note that the average daily temp for the next ten days is tending toward warmer, rather than cooler.

Oh, well.  I suppose it has to be summer some day.  Or even two.

In addition to reading the manuscript for the next book, Steve and I have been making plans and reservations for the Alliance of Equals Northern Kingdom Book Tour, in July.

For those who came in late, the schedule for that tour is:

July 5, 7 pmFlights of Fantasy, Albany, NY
July 8, 7 pmAnnie’s Book Stop of Worcester, MA
July 9, 2 pmToadstool Books, Milford NH
July 14, 7 pmPandemonium Books, Cambridge MA
July 16, TBA:  Children’s Book Cellar, Waterville ME

Also!  Because people have been asking — “Wise Child,” a new Liaden Universe® novelette, will be published to on or around June 15.

Because we haven’t done enough driving in the last four days, I’m toying with the notion of driving down to the ocean on Tuesday, in order to stay out of range of Politics.  Right now, though, Tuesday’s weather downcoast includes thunderstorms, but, yanno — it could change.

In the meanwhile, I guess I’d better take a look at those notes. . .

Sprite reading over my shoulder June 4 2016


One thought on “In which it’s time to start the next book”

  1. Dearest: History assures me that you are beyond competent as a writer.

    That said, the price of good art is eternal vigilance.

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