Roll Call

I’m going to pin this to the top of the blog until the end of June.  That means that any new posts will appear under this note.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Why a roll call, you ask?

Good question.

As Steve and I go to and fro on the earth, I often meet people who tell me that they read my blog.  Some read it for the cats, some for writing/publishing news, some because they feel a connection and like to check in with what Sharon and Steve are doing — all fine reasons to read, and thank you. (The cats would thank you, too, if they were, say, dogs.)

But here’s the thing:  Apparently not everyone feels comfortable commenting on various blog posts.  And that leaves me in something of a pickle.  About the only way I can tell if this blog is reaching anyone is through reader engagement (yes, I have a stats page, and can read the hits, but that’s. . .not as satisfactory as it could be).

So, here’s what I would like you — yes, you — to do for me.

If you read here, would you just post a message in reply to this note?  You don’t have to introduce yourself, or say anything at all beyond, Hi, or Yo, or Present. . .

I will keep the replies private so as not to embarrass or endanger anyone.  I do reserve the right to use the raw number of replies in relevant discussions with publicist, and/or editor, type people.

Thank you very much for your help, your interest, and your care.

3 thoughts on “Roll Call”

  1. Yay for another Baen short. I do enjoy your blog. Scritches to the feline contingent.

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