In which the writers goof off

So, yesterday. . .was too nice a day to stay inside and adult, so we decided to play hookey.  It was, mind you, a brisk and breezy day, with Interesting Clouds against an azure sky.  It was, in fact, much too breezy to go to the ocean and be in any way comfortable, so we cleverly went to Greenville.

Which is situated on the banks of an inland sea known as Moosehead Lake.


It was 60F/16C when we left home, with a pleasant breeze, the aforementioned Interesting, and blue! sky.

At Greenville, it was 46F/8C with a strong breeze whipping directly off the water and into your face — yeah, yours, too.

Also?  The town was, for our intent, at least, Not Open.  Tomorrow, said the guy at the outfitter/internet cafe we stopped at, hoping for, yanno, a cafe — tomorrow, the place would be hoppin’.  Well, one hopes so, for the sake of the town.

For our ownselves, We’d missed Auntie M’s, where we had more-or-less planned to lunch, by 20 minutes, the shoreside restaurant had, by the looks of it burned out over the winter, we did not wish to feast upon Chester-fried chicken in the car, so lunch was tuna salad in those weird little squishy white-bread finger rolls that Mainers do so love out of the Indian Hill Hannaford, which, alone in all of Greenville, was doing a booming business.

Allow me just to say here that fleece is a marvelous invention, and I don’t know what we ever did without it.

We decided against shopping at the Indian Hill Trading post, adjacent to the Hannaford, and, after our sandwiches were done, motored on home through Shirley, and Monson, and Guilford, and all, returning at last to the Metropolis of Waterville, where we took on groceries and stopped at the post office.

Speaking of the post office!  If Candace reads here (and evidence indicates that she must), In the Teeth of Evidence, and Hangman’s Holiday arrived yesterday. Thank you very much.

We finished up the day of non-adulting by (me) reading for a couple hours, and (Steve) watching the ball game on the computer, after which we dined on grilled cheese and minute steak sandwiches, and read Chapter 12 of Visitor to each other (Chapter 12’s kinda long, so I read +/- half and Steve read the rest).

This morning, we went to gym, and I made pork-and-rice casserole for lunch, improvising! cream-of-something soup, of which we had none, by stirring some warm broth into about a cup of sour cream and pouring that over the pork chops. Worked fine.

Now, it’s time to get to work, by which I mean getting Hazenthull into trouble.  When I mentioned to Steve that this was today’s goal, he said, “Well, that should be easy,” so, yanno, time to find out if it is.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday and that there’s a day — or at least an hour or two — of not-adulting scheduled for the coming weekend.

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8 thoughts on “In which the writers goof off”

  1. I hope the trouble isn’t TOO serious. Poor Hazenthull hasn’t seemed to adjust to the loss of her boss yet and she seems to have trust “issues.”

  2. I’m with Steve. Hazenthull’s approach to daily life ensures trouble. Deserved trouble for the other guy, sometimes, but trouble nonetheless. However, with you I’m sure she’ll get into *interesting* trouble, which I look forward to reading.

  3. You did not non-adult. You recharged your batteries, which is a must for all of. Glad you got a break. And poor Hazenthull! Have fun.

  4. As it happens, we are bound for Moosehead Lake, to arrive tomorrow after overnighting it across the country from California. We promptly sent a link to our traveling companions to your delightful post. Get to spend a week in ME -have not been there since 1976 – and plan to visit an old friend in Sebec.

    Thanks for all the fine books. I am constantly reaching for them and introducing the Liaden Universe to friends, willing or unwilling 😉

    Craig and Vicky

  5. Intrepid space travelers — through “downtown” Greenville into “the Junction” and a right under the railroad trestle: Kelly’s Landing, which can be approached by car, boat, seaplane, or snowmobile. Large windows look out at the lake and the town wharf, the menu features a smoked buffalo burger with meat from just a bit up the road. Open 11 to closing most days. Worth trying. No, I don’t work there, but I do eat there when I go to Greenville several times a year.
    Write, write, write. Every time a new volume appears I end up re-reading the Liaden Universe entire; it doesn’t take nearly long enough!

  6. It sounds like a lovely recharge day. I am a bit of an introvert, and crowds of people are not relaxing for me. It sounds like a peaceful day , best expressed with a sigh of conentment.

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