Five minutes of fame, and! an important reminder

Hey, look!  Publishers Weekly has reviewed Alliance of Equals, to wit:

“. . .this space opera continues to delight with genteel interactions between mild-spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions, and its immense scope encompasses a well-realized and comfortable universe.”

So, yay! good review!

Which leads nicely into this reminder to them as wish to have signed copies of the hard cover edition of Alliance (coming to a bookstore near you, in July).

Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore is handling the pre-orders of personalized and/or signed books.  Here’s what you need to know:

 A.  There is a deadline for pre-ordering personalized books (where “personalized” means the authors, in addition to their signatures, write something specifically requested by the person buying the book.  Fair warning:  If the authors feel, in their sole judgment, that the requested personalization is too long, or offendeth them in some other way, they will not — that’s not — personalize the book, though they will sign it.  This is in the authors’ sole judgment, and there is no appeal.  Thank you.).  Deadline for pre-ordering personalized books is June 1.

B.  If you do not want your book personalized, but you do want a signed copy, there is no deadline.  Typically, Uncle has us sign an extra few books to have in the store.  However!  It’s best to pre-order to ensure that you will receive a signed book, as our signed editions have been known to sell out.

C.  Here’s your link.

Here at the Confusion Factory, today encompasses vampires and an annual medical check-up, as well as a trip to the grocery store.  Also, having now written the story (still untitled, alas, and I don’t think a Marx Bros. title if going to work for this one; may have to resort to Shakespeare.  Or Tiny Tim.), and taken Steve’s input, I need to edit it, and bring it into shape to go to the editor.

A typical day, really.

Hope your day is relaxing and productive, wherever you may be.

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