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If you read this, please leave a comment.  Tell me, oh, how long you’ve been reading — the blog and/or our work — and what brings you here, and what the weather’s like today.


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  1. I happened across Agent of Change several(4 or 5) years ago and have since read u I could find by Miller and Lee. You guys are at the very top of my “awaiting the next book” list. GO THEO!!
    I found your blog via Twitter only last year. Glad that I did.
    And its dusting very light snow here in south-central Georgia; (the State).
    What I really like though is your sharing of your life via the blog and twitter. Thank you for that.

  2. Been reading your books for about 4-5 years, I think. Probably read them early on as well as I enjoy space opera. And Archers Beach. Come to the blog to feel connected. An enjoyable distraction and occasionally you share what’s happening in the books with us. I find your reading list interesting. Weather here is cold – about as cold as it’s been all winter. Love the cats. Miss mine,but the parrot would have a fit as she says she has outlived the cats.

  3. Actually read Agent of Change for free on kindle last year. Then had to get the rest of them, which I originally did on the kindle then decided I had to have them in hardcopy. Haunted the used bookstores. Searched to see if you had a blog and a list of what to read in order and got hooked on the blog. I check it out a couple of times a week.

  4. I found your books approximately 4 years ago, after Nalini Singh recommended them. They’ve been favorites ever since, and I introduced my sister to them, too. I follow this blog because it’s fun, and I keep on top of your books. As far as the weather goes, it’s moderately cold and snowy here. This weekend will be quite cold.

  5. I’ve been reading your books for several years now and also enjoy the blog. Today is a “get caught up on blogs” evening. Weather is cold but thankfully not raining or snowing.

  6. My interest in your books crackled and caught flame when I purchased Agent of Change on November 15, 2015. By the end of the month I’d read nine novels, followed by another four in December, and two in January.

    Thanks for the marvelous universe. I am not reading the Books of Before, so you are safe from me declaring in an earnest voice: “Hallo. My name is Waverly Johnston. You killed my hero. Prepare to die.”

    Pepe and Piper share the sofa with me while I read. Sometimes. They are Rescue Cats, which is very close to being superheroes just like it sounds. They suspect a trick with this “weather” question. Lows in the house are around 67.5 degrees, highs about 70.

    The rest of us cursed with two feet instead of four know that winter is a fickle beast in Central Texas, charging back and forth between the 30s/40s and 60s/70s. It’s strange collecting the winter hat and gloves I forgot at the office when suddenly it’s 63 degrees outside. We’re much more predictable in the summer, with highs at the hitching post of 100 degrees.

  7. I’ve been reading the books forever (I had to replace my old paperback copies with electronic versions because they were fading and falling apart – but I kept the hardcopy versions). I stop by your blog every couple of days because, well, it’s fun and interesting.

  8. I believe I have been reading the Liaden Universe for about 10 years. I know that I was reading prior to Theo’s arrival. It is really cold tonight in the New York City suburbs, at least for us.

  9. I have been reading your books for over 40 years when I discovered a copy of Agent of Change on a second hand stall in a Glasgow market. There was a hiatus when I couldn’t find any of your books but now I have every one and I keep waiting for the next instalment. Take care of yourselves what would I do without the books. Wheather here,in Australia,is dry,sunny with bush fires

  10. Ebook wise I got serious in 2013. I tripped over your blog about that time. I drop in when I’m sitting at a computer and want to catch up. I can’t remember when I started reading paper copies. Sometime in the 00’s and then realized (“I know this story”) that I had read one very early book–way back–80’s. Sometime in between I remember reading about the trapped books. Bad luck for you and for us readers. Weather here in Los Angeles this week, highs in the 80’s, two weeks ago, highs in the 50’s. we need rain and snow pack in the mountains.

  11. I read your blog a few times a week. I’m a librarian and appreciate knowing the authors who create my favorite books. I started reading your books, and following your blog, when Baen sent us a prepub copy of Fledgling. I now have all your books on my phone for anytime re-enjoying.(And thanks for sharing the pictures of your cats.) Weather in Chicago: cold! Going to visit relatives in Florida in two weeks!

  12. A friend loaned me his copy of Partners in Necessity 8 years ago, and I moved from requesting more Liaden books via interlibrary loan to acquiring my own copies and most recently, gifting them to loved ones. Poked around on the web for a blog after I learned you lived in Maine, too, and have been smiling at your posts and cat pictures for about 6 years now. My original benefactor got a signed copy of Trade Secret after you made a promotional stop at Books a Million a few years ago, and I happily thanked you both in person for your efforts. Don’t need to tell you how cold it is today since I’m only an hour or two southeast of you!

  13. In the late 1980s or very early 1990s while in college, I was at a bookstore with a friend, who grabbed Agent of Change off of a shelf and shoved it at me with a “you have to read this.” I’ve been hooked since then.

  14. I found your books in the mid- to late-90’s and was instantly addicted. For a while it was hard to find them, so I would check them out of the library to read/reread. Then, I lost(!) my copy of I Dare at the end of 2006 and had a reason to see whether y’all were online. I emailed Steve, and was able to buy a replacement copy from him. So that’s when I started following Lee and Miller online, although for a while I just read him. I was one of many who bought into the Fledgling experiment.

    I come to your site out of curiosity about the life of a (favorite) writer, for the occasional stories and outtakes and such, and because I feel a vague friendship after a decade of reading blogs and such and seeing y’all at a couple of cons. And being a (minor) Patreon contributor, I have an additional desire to see that you are well. Oh, and I follow your blog through RSS and Feedly.

    Today? It’s 7 degrees. At three in the morning my son woke me up because of plumbing problems; at the time it was -10. A well placed space heater helped, but apparently there are other issues so the house won’t get warmer than about 58. At least has died down.

    Oh, I guess the short answer is I’m a huge fan!

  15. I purchased Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change, and Carpe Diem 27 years ago when I was a 17-year-old college freshman. I worked for years during college and after as a customer service person at a Books-a-Million, and one thing I checked continuously was if there were any new books by Miller and Lee. And for far too long, I found nothing. It was definitely one of my sadder disappearances of authors into the ether, and I reread my paperbacks until they were falling apart.

    With the rise of the Internet search engine (Google ftw) I could search more directly. Lo and behold, there were Miller and Lee…and NEW BOOKS! I immediately ordered Plan B and the omnibus trade of Scout’s Progress and Local Custom. I’ve purchased every Liaden novel since upon its publication, along with Sharon’s Carousel trilogy and the other non-Liaden works. There are very few authors that I will buy anything they have written with assurance that I will enjoy it. Miller and Lee are on that very short list. I can’t wait to read Alliance of Equals, and revisit the beloved characters I first encountered so long ago!

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