In which it is now Thursday evening

This week has not so far gone as planned, and apparently I might as well throw Friday out the window, too, in terms of even thinking I’m going to accomplish what needs accomplishing.

First, thanks to everyone who responded to the call for postcard/bookmark bearers.  I will be answering those emails…this weekend, she said firmly.  Thank you, also, for your patience.

Today included a consultation with a doctor, whose news and insights have given us some stuff to think about, while we’re staring at a calendar and our expected travel this year.

Tomorrow, I have a regularly-scheduled car thing in Augusta at 9 am, then I get to meet with the new accountant at 2 pm.  Somewhere in-between there should be grocery shopping.

Saturday marks the beginning of four uninterrupted days, if I’m willing to sacrifice Pickleball on the altar of Getting Caught Up.

While we were in Augusta today, we did some errands that can only be accomplished there, such as visiting Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picking up (at last) a new cat window seat, and also some over -the-door hooks.  We also stopped at Staples and bought stick-on-stars.

Why stick-on-stars, you ask?

The stars are an Incentive, as stars should be.  If you have us sign a book at Boskone — no, it doesn’t have to be our book, but if you bring us someone else’s book to sign, you must also provide a signed permission slip from the actual author — we will put a silver star on your badge.

Not too shabby, huh?

We’ll be signing on Sunday at noon.

Here’s the Compleat Lee and Miller Boskone Schedule, for those who are interested in such things.  As of Right Now, we’re planning to host the Friends of Liad Breakfast on Sunday morning.  More information will be provided after we have spoken with the restaurant.

And that?  Is all the news that’s fit to print.

Dad and Daughter hanging together Jan 31 2016



3 thoughts on “In which it is now Thursday evening”

  1. The term Lurker, with its Addams Family era charm, seems to have given way to the more sinister sounding label of Stalker. But now that I’ve announced my existence, there’s proof that I’m a fan.

    Your posts cheer me daily, and obviously you must be famous living with such photogenic cats.

  2. I don’t think you should sacrifice pickleball. You haven’t been at it long enough to establish a real pattern and if you start omitting it already, it gets too easy to be disposable and thence disposed. There will always be time to be behind; I should know, I’ve been behind for ages.

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