On the first day of a new year

I’m doodling around, here, as one does on the first day of the year.  Closing out old accounts, setting up new accounts, changing out the old, wrinkled mileage books in the cars for brand-new books, rarin’ to get on the road.  I updated the front page of sharonleewriter.com with a photo which was not only taken in this decade, but within the last 45 days!  Also updated the delivery/pub dates and the con schedule.  We’ll be going to a couple of bookstores to talk about Alliance of Equals, in early July.  Guess I ought to get that up, too.

In the course of updating the front page, I came across news of a sort.  Amazon is selling the Kindle editions of the Carousel books, bundled, for $24.97.  It’s like a little electronic boxed set.  Here’s the link, for those interested.

There’s a large orange cat asleep in the manuscript basket on my desk, and new calendars in play.  On the desk is a month-at-a-glance.  January looks pretty empty so far — Wednesday morning tai chi, and the volunteer orientation at the hospital.

The new wall calendar features photos from Dancers Among Us — a departure from the carousel horse theme of the last few years.  If you haven’t…read…Dancers Among Us (the photo-book) I recommend it.

And I think that’s all I’ve got.

How’s your New Year’s Day shaping up?

For the FB peeps:  Belle and Trooper.

We're gonna need a bigger box Dec 24 2015

6 thoughts on “On the first day of a new year”

  1. Kittens (5 months old) woke me by knocking the new bag of dry food off the kitchen countertop. So now I have to find a storage spot for a large bag of kitten kibble, as there were teeth marks puncturing said bag. Please note there are two bowls of dry food available on the floor – so they were not starving (can’t even see the bottom of the bowls).

  2. My First Day has consisted of sleeping in, waffles and fruit for breakfast, a long walk to work that off, playin on FB and trying to resist doing laundry; which, apparently is bad luck (?). I have a new book to read and maybe some binge watching of Downton Abby later, after someone else makes a chicken and fettucini alfredo for dinnah.
    Cheers to you, Steve, and the Cats!

  3. Marcus if my Leo were still alive he would tell you dry food from the bag is much better than what is in the bowl!
    And today has been a quiet day. I’m taking care of Dad and working on report cards. Made fudge – because it didn’t get done before Christmas – and chicken and dumplings for a warm filling dinner. Happy New Year! Sharon I cannot tell you how much I treasure your creativity and intelligence and wonderful books.

  4. Reading romances in the morning, then in the afternoon drove 45 minutes up Unaweep Canyon to a friend’s open house for black-eyed peas and ham. (I’ve been on a bodice ripper/historical romance binge…and I can recommend the Spymaster series by Joanna Bourne, ripping very well researched.)

  5. I’ve been dealing with annoying health problems the last few months. So this New Year’s Day I mostly rested until I went to a friend’s for dinner. We watched a couple of fairly bad movies but talked a bit and that was the good part. I’ve also been indulging my appetite for food porn. I read cookbooks like juicy novels and they must have plenty of pictures! My latest is AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN 100 RECIPES. It’s local, national and international basic recipes to master. I’m also indulging this habit with food and/or cooking movies: JULIE & JULIA; CHOCOLAT; BIG NIGHT; BABETTE’S FEAST; EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN. Obscenely swollen legs or not I’m in heaven!

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