In which there is power to the people

The Big News from Cat Farm and Confusion Factory Management on this January Saturday is the fact that the power went out at 5:01 am, waking Management from a sound sleep.  The house makes several Complaining Noises when the power goes, which are quite plaintive in the Overall Unnatural Silence, thus, Management was awakened.

At 5:02 am, the generator rumbled to life, and moments after, the house came back on-line.

What an incredible feeling of relief.

Management would like to thank everyone who participated in the Great Generator Caper of 2015.  Without your encouragement and active support, we would not have taken on the expense of installation.  You made us believe that it was not only possible, but that we would be able to pay off the debt.

So, yes — thank you! For that feeling of relief, for the warmth and the food that wasn’t lost, and for those extra three hours of sleep, after the house cried out in its distress.


. . .In other news, I own a skirt — an ankle-length black skirt that I’ve had for a while now, and which I on several occasions wished to wear, except that?  I couldn’t find a slip.  It’s been. . .Rather a While since I’ve owned a skirt, or a dress, and the slips that went with them were long-ago donated to Goodwill.

Do you know how hard it is to find slips, anymore?  I finally bought one at Amazon, having exhausted all my other, usual vendors.  I mean, c’mon, KMart used to sell slips!  But not anymore.  Or, at least, not anymore in my part of Maine.

So, that mission accomplished, and I also bought a couple books, while I was there and all.  Note to self:  stop buying books.  No, really. 

Yeah, that’s gonna work.

But!  What’s notable about these expenditures is that, having purchased, let it be clear, an ankle-length slip, and two books — a biography of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, and a graphic novel entitled The Sculptor — I received in my inbox, a Special! One! Time! Offer! of a Free Gift! from Amazon, which was —

A digital copy of Kung Fu Panda.

Seriously, Amazon?

I mean, my deeply negative feelings for Jack Black aside, what, exactly, in that purchase persuaded your algorithms that I would in any way be receptive to receiving a copy of Kung Fu Panda?

I respectfully submit that you need to do a little work behind the nose.

And don’t you dare send a copy of Kung Fu Panda to any of my devices.  Things will get Very Ugly if you try.  Thank you.

And, now, having washed the dishes and doodled around on the web, it’s time to deploy the Cat Eating Machine.  Poor cats; they were being so comfy together in the living room.


Needs must.

Hope your Saturday is both comfortable and productive.

Here, have a picture of the Lights in early evening at the Maine Botanical Gardens:

early lights dec 19 2015

10 thoughts on “In which there is power to the people”

  1. slips who still wears them I have a drawer full and I can’t remember the last time I wore one.

  2. I have two, one long and one short, in case I ever need them again. Can’t bear to throw them out though I rarely wear a skirt. Oh well.

  3. Since I’m extremely unlikely to receive any award for which wearing a skirt would be necessary, I hope to finish my life without ever wearing a skirt again. But that’s just me–I have nothing against skirts on other people if they happen to want to wear them. I don’t get the attraction, but we’re not all alike.

  4. I’m forgetting why I got the black skirt — oh, no, I remember. We were going to Dress Up for the last book tour. But, then, no slip, so the skirt got no use, anyway. It shall now become Con Clothes, and I will dress it up with a fringed red sash and a wide-sleeved shirt. Silain the luthia would be proud.

  5. I think they just pick a movie to be the current Free Gift – it was Wreck-It Ralph for a while, now Kung-Fu Panda. I got the same offer, twice in one day, for getting a couple Kindle books.
    I almost never wear skirts, and the ones I have don’t need slips. Nonetheless I own one slip…I think. I used to, anyway. If I still do it’s in the back of the drawer of oddments in my dresser…

  6. I got the same Kung Fu Panda offer, after purchasing the kindle version of Master and Commander. I turned to my office mate and questioned if Apple had hacked Amazon’s suggestion-bot for it to put those two items together. The office mate was just as bemused by the combination.

  7. Hmmm? Negative feelings for Jack Black? Has he offended in some way? I bought a really good non-stick skillet for myself on Amazon and they sent me the same freebie. It’s a bit odd but I just do the old virtual circular file thing.

  8. I have several bootlength skirts that I have been wearing less and less with flat heeled boots. For them, I spent a lot of time to find a ‘petticoat’ type slip – goes to just below the knee but flounces out, sorta a-line, so the boot skirts swirl a little. I have no idea whether it still fits – but I’m never giving up the thing given how much trouble I went to. If I had to do it now, hmn, I think I’d try Vermont Country Store or the Hanes website to see if they have one. I totally get where you’re coming from. I have 2 long black skirts from my singing-in-choruses days and I won’t give them up either, just in case they resurrect the Symphony Chorus. THAT I would audition for, again.

    Jack Black – well, the only thing I liked him in was that movie where the two chicks swapped homes for Xmas and he played a movie soundtrack composer. But he was a supporting actor in that. I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t go out of my way to watch him, myself.

  9. I, too, still have some slips, but I now do what the cool kids do – leggings or tights. Since you’re in Maine, you might like the new fleece-lined tights – they make wearing a skirt or dress possible even here in Montana. And! the pair I bought at Costco (size Large) actually fits my 34″ inseam comfortably.

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