December’s most important Cat Farm holiday…

…is, of course, Trooper’s Birthday.

Which is — today!

Kelimcoons Super Trooper, the 17th Best Allbreed Cat in the Northeast Region, said TICA, in 2011, and the 2nd Best Maine Coon Cat in the Northeast Region, retired from show biz and relocated to Maine, in June 2013.  Today, he is six years old.

Trooper is a thoughtful, kind gentleman — a scholar and an athlete — who takes a constant interest in our lives and our work, and does his best to encourage us to play flying mouse more often, because exercise is good for us. We hope to celebrate many more birthdays on his behalf.

On this auspicious, if rainy day, Trooper plans on napping, herding various springs and floofy balls up and down the hallway, collaborating in the writing process from the copilot’s chair, and possibly the red basket, and assisting in the preparation of the celebratory ice cream.

Here’s a picture of the birthday boy:

Trooper, on the other paw, was ready for his glam shot

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