PSA: The next Theo novel

Theo Waitley has a lot of fans, and they write to us from time to time, politely pointing out that it’s been, like, forever (or 2012, whichever comes first) since the latest installment of her story, and they wonder when the next Theo book will finally gladden their lives.

Sadly, because of how we write (organically, say some; chaotically, say others), we have not been able to answer this seemingly simple question.

Until now!

Now, we can say, with authority, that Theo will play a large part in The Gathering Edge, the 20th novel in the Liaden Universe®.  We’ve known this for a number of months, and I apologize for not saying so sooner, but, um, I’d forgotten it was an issue until, providentially, someone wrote to me, wondering when we were going to get around to continuing Theo’s story, and I realized that this was a topic Of Interest to Many.

So, yes — The Gathering Edge.  Theo.  Also the Uncle, Miri and Val Con, and — oh, a number of folks, some of whom you won’t meet until Alliance of Equals, which is kind of the bad news here.

See, Alliance of Equals is the 19th novel in the Liaden Universe®, and it’s not a Theo novel.  It’s a Shan novel, sort of — possibly a Padi novel more than a Shan, but in that range.  It, too, features the Uncle, and those folks you haven’t met yet, and it?

Is scheduled to be published on July 5, 2016.

We’re writing The Gathering Edge now — in fact, we just cracked 50,000 words (or passed the Theoretical Halfway Point, which sounds a little more encouraging, though its unlikely to be True) of the first-draft-and-a-half yesterday.  The final manuscript is due on Madame the Editor’s desk in mid-February, 2016.

So, while there’s a Theo novel on the road to publication — yay! — you’ve gotta use binoculars to see it.

I am not going to predict when Edge will be published.  Every time I produce my best guess for a date, Madame surprises me, so we’ll  just say — publication is expected after July 2016.

Here ends the PSA.

For the FB peeps, a rare photo of Scrabble, who, unfortunately, had her forcefield engaged:

Blurry Scrabble Nov 15 2015

8 thoughts on “PSA: The next Theo novel”

  1. Thank you for the PSA, it was good news on a dark and blustery Monday morning. Looking forward to Theo and company coming to a Liaden novel, soonest.
    All the best and have a safe, warm winter.

  2. Shan and Padi! How interesting! I feel like we don’t know Padi very well yet–not nearly as well as we know Quin and Syl Vor, anyway–so I’m very glad to have a chance to get better acquainted with her.

  3. Yay! My next Liaden fix is only 7 1/2 months away!
    Boo! My next Liaden fix is 7 1/2 months away. . . 8^(

    And my next Theo fix is even farther away. Sigh! I’ll wait, but not happily.

    Scrabble looks like a cat I’d love to pet. Mine would get jealous, but. . . 8^)

  4. I have binoculars! Two sets. One was a gift from the TV Show, Big Thinkers with John Dvorak when it was on TechTV. (I worked for them) John liked how I handled the talkback boards so gave me swag in thanks. So, I will view the far horizon for whoever you send my way! Hey to the cats.

  5. At last, news of Theo, huzzah! And just when I thought we might have to mount a rescue op. to win her freedom. Sadly, though … so far away, it’s beyond the visible horizon. Well, we have #19 to look forward to, and at least we know Theo’s tale is in the works.

  6. Well, to be fair, there was a bit of a hint on the blog posting on October 10th—

    “For those who have been patiently, and not-so-patiently, waiting for her reappearance, yes, Theo is in this novel.”

  7. Just worked my way from I Dare through Exile of Dragons again, and there’s a big gap between now and July… Hmmm, I forsee a revisit if Conflict of Honors/Agent of Change/Carpe Diem, with a final spring gallop through the rest right before summer and July :).

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