San Jose in 2018 Bid Crowdsourcing GoHs

According to File 770, the San Jose in 2018 Worldcon bid is seeking suggestions for Guests of Honor.

WorldCon GoH is a big deal; a recognition of life time achievement in the field; and the criterion for suggestions provided by the San Jose bid committee reflect this.  In particular, suggested  GoHs must have:

  • An established career, usually considered to be 30 years from entry into the field.
  • Current relevance, usually considered to be current activity and notability. In the case of writers, availability of their back catalog in print/distribution is an excellent yardstick.
  • No prior recognition as a Worldcon Guest of Honor (for past guests, see

The committee intends to honor guests in the fields of:  Writing, Editing, Art, Music, Science, and Fandom.

Recommendations will be accepted through December 15, 2015.  Full information, with links here.

If you are considering suggesting a writer GoH, you do have a good resource available to you so that you can check such things as that 30-year established career.  It’s the Science Fiction EncyclopediaHere’s the link.

According to the SF Encyclopedia, Steve Miller began publishing in 1976; Sharon Lee in 1980.  The Lee-Miller collaboration is dated as from “The Naming of Kinzel,” published in 1984.

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