In which there is dismay and confusion

It’s being something of a zoo this week here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

On Monday, we did a lovely Skype interview with John Mierau at Patreon, which will be going up on youtube, in the fullness of time.  We’ll let y’all know when it’s available.

Today, the generator guy came and scoped out The Situation.  He was supposed to have come by on Tuesday, but. . .didn’t.  I’m not sure what’s with that, but I remember a wise man once told me that contractors run on their own time.  Anyhow, he promises an estimate this week, so that’s in process.

In and around these generally benign events, I have been having. . .discussions, as in multiple hour-long phone calls with the ACA and the local health insurer, Community Health Options. Which has officially been No Fun At All.

First, I got a phone call from the ACA on Monday morning, wherein I was informed that, since I had submitted a Change of Income, the person making my new eligibility determination noticed that I had not “attested to” last year’s income.  I needed to call a representative, she said, and do that.  Any rep who answered the phone would be able to do that.

. . .Now, I actually know better than this, because I had been for many years a secretary, and I am Very Aware that, when the instructions include a variation of, “Call this person, say this, and they will know exactly what you mean” — they won’t.  No one will know anything even approaching what I mean, and if I have not elicited Actual Hard Facts that bear directly on What This is Actually About from the person for whom I am making the call,  it will end up taking days to resolve this One Really Simple Thing.

With that said — no, the rep who answered the phone on Tuesday at the ACA had no idea what “attesting” to last year’s income was, nor did her supervisor.  Her supervisor, however, recalculated my eligibility, which was not what I wanted, at all.  I wrote a letter, explaining what had happened, and why, and logged into the ACA website to upload it — only to find that, if the ACA isn’t expecting to receive documentation from you?  There is no option to upload documents.

Unwisely, then, I tried to go into my (new) application and see if there wasn’t something there. . .got twisted around and called the ACA back, hoping they’d bail me out.

The rep I spoke to this time also didn’t know what “attesting” income was, and said that 2014’s income was completely beside the point, this being 2015.  She also told me that the ACA representative who had handled my first policy change, back in July, when Steve went on Medicare, had just cut my Best Guess at Income for both of us in half, and had figured my monthly payment/subsidies from there, and that this was Utterly Wrong.

Apparently, we still count Steve’s income, even though he’s on Medicare and I’m only looking for a policy for myself, and that! amount! put me over all the subsidy limits, and — long story short — it appears that, because of this, my insurance has been canceled.  If it hasn’t been canceled, I’ll be in the happy position of having to pay something on the order of $2,000/month for health insurance, but I can’t find the amount for certain, because Community Health Options only allows access to its plan descriptions and prices during Open Enrollment, which this is not.

Today, I was supposed to call CHO to find out if, in fact, my insurance is canceled, and — if it has been, what do I do now? if it hasn’t, how much will it cost to maintain the policy?

I did not make that phone call today; since I had lots of leftover frustration from yesterday to work with.  Today, I refined a scene that I’d written over the weekend, and then wrote a few more words in a forwarder direction.

Tomorrow, I will have to call CHO, and try to straighten this out, and, man, am I looking forward to that.  Not.

In the meantime, the nights are getting seriously chilly and the day-temps aren’t really exerting themselves above the middish 70sF, so, yes, winter is coming.  And very possibly with bells on.

And, to pay you for your patience in allowing me to vent, have a look at this place — a college of fools, just outside of Paris.  Here’s the link.

Nap attack!
Nap attack!


5 thoughts on “In which there is dismay and confusion”

  1. My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine your frustration level. I hope you reach out to your congressperson for help, and include your tale of these events. So many others must be experiencing the same, but few will have your ability to communicate the maddening experience with such eloquence.

  2. If it would help, I’d send kittens. But I don’t think the current rulers of the CF&CF would approve. So I will only send wishes of good luck and favorable outcomes in your dance with the insurance overlords.

  3. What a nightmare. I’m going through another scenario. I need a new hip. But now I have to go through all the intermediate stages…injections, therapy and so forth too PROVE what the docs already know.

    Best of luck with your insurance. It’s hard! My prayers are with you.

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