I’m in love with Josephine Baker; there’s a problem, she’s twenty years dead

Where was I?

Ah, yes, the ACA/CHO nexus of confusion.

I spoke to CHO yesterday, only to learn that the latest determination they had from the ACA was only the next-to-latest determination.  The rep at CHO recommended that I call back on Monday (sigh), when they should have the Best and Latest Intel on-hand.  In the meantime, and on the subject of Small Blessings, the rep was able to tell me my maximum monthly payment, should I, indeed, have no government subsidies.  That amount would be just a smidge under $700/month, for insurance for myself alone, which is. . .ghastly, but not nearly as terrible as I had feared.

So, that.

In other news, Winter is coming and I ordered in a winter robe to replace the one that is worn out.  The new robe is pink.  I believe that this may be the first time in my adult life that I have purchased an article of clothing that is pink.  Nothing against pink, necessarily, it’s just that I prefer red, and purple, and green, and blue, and black.  In the genre of robes, I fixated on blue as the Only Proper Color for a bathrobe back when I was a pre-teen and got my first floor-length chenille robe.  For many years thereafter, I was of the belief that chenille was the Only Proper Material for a robe, as blue was the Only Proper Color.  Poverty and availability forced me into flexibility on both counts, though I think I only descended to plaid once, when, the need being acute, I bought a men’s flannel robe at a flea market for fifty cents.  Nowadays, I find fleece a far better choice for a winter robe, and the new robe is that, and floor length, too, as well as having been on sale, so I’m calling a Shopping Win.

Also — Josephine Baker.  Here’s a short bio.

Here’s a longer bio, with video.

And here’s a link to the song, “I’m in love with Josephine Baker,” which is not on youtube, Fossil having apparently been insufficiently beloved in their day.  The song is embedded in the blog On the Radio, in which it is discussed, I think unfairly; but read it yourself and decide.

Tomorrow morning, I need to go into town to the grocery and to the REstore, since I didn’t do that today.  Then, home again and to work.  Maybe we’ll knock off early on Sunday and watch a movie.  That could work.

What do y’all have planned for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “I’m in love with Josephine Baker; there’s a problem, she’s twenty years dead”

  1. I’m hoping to go to the Baltimore Book Festival this Saturday. Sunday it’s supposed to rain so I may just go to a friend’s fundraiser on Sunday instead of the festival AND the fundraiser.

    I need sleep too so there’s that on the agenda.

  2. I’m overseeing five (5) six week old kittens, among other activities. They have learned how to Climb All The Things and have quickly found places to go where they should not be. I envy your sedate cat estate, as these youngsters are a bit…rambunctious. Momma kitty sometimes joins their romping about. Yeah, with six felines versus one human – the odds on a quiet weekend don’t look to good.

  3. We are celebrating the homecoming of the granddaughter, who was released yesterday after 9 days in the hospital — (and thank you for your good wishes on the Book of Faces). She still has surgery around the end of October, but a non-ermegency appendectomy these days is Not a Big Deal.

  4. Trying to talk Miss Binjali into using shredded paper instead of kitty litter in preparation for surgery next weekend. So far, she is only partially in agreement.

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