Words could never explain, I just wish it would rain

So, let’s see. . .

It’s hot, for Maine values of hot, and it’s gonna get hotter.  Next week, in fact, is looking to be a scorcher from edge to edge.  Well. . .it is August.

Let’s see, today started with the arrival in the mail of the eroyalty checks.  Steve and I will therefore be having a week at the ocean, for a much-needed ohmighodwillthisyearjustSTOPalready break.  We have Planned this excursion so that we will have two viewings of fireworks over the sea.  Clever, no?

Today also encompassed Cleaning, which meant a strategic deployment of the Cat Eating Machine, which did not find favor with the Feline Contingent, as Per Usual, though they seem to have forgiven me, now.  I suspect it may be too hot for even a cat to hold a grudge.

I’m taking a blog-writing break from cleaning off my desk, which has become cluttered with notes that had been sitting on the kitchen table, Awaiting Attention.  Sigh.  We really need a House Desk.  And a House Secretary, why not, while we’re at it.

In other news, the Alien Artifacts and Were anthology Kickstarter campaign has passed the $9,000 mark, which means that!  Two new anchor authors have been added: C.S. Friedman, and David Farland/Dave Wolverton.

Though the goal of this campaign is $10,000; I would just like to point out a stretch goal to those who may be on the fence.  If funding reaches $15,000?  All the authors in both anthologies will receive a penny a word raise!  Lest you scoff at the power of a mere penny — for a 5,000 word story, that’s an extra $50, which is more than enough to buy a lobster dinner where I live.

Here’s the link to the Alien Artifacts/Were Kickstarter.

Also!  Monday, August 17 — that’s the day after tomorrow! — we will begin receiving and posting your photographs in the Do It Like a Delm challenge.  Rules and general information may be found at this link.

Today’s blog title brought to you by The Temptations, “I Wish It Would Rain.”

And — there are three cats in my office.  Photographic proof:

Clockwise: Sprite, Trooper, Belle
Clockwise: Sprite, Trooper, Belle

2 thoughts on “Words could never explain, I just wish it would rain”

  1. I have subscribed at a level which will provide me with !All The Books! (to include the two that I missed from previous Kickstarters). The Liaden rewards were unfortunately already claimed, but I think I can drown my sorrows in more stories. 🙂

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