Tuesday Morning News

1.  The Kickstarter Campaign for the  Alien Artifacts and Were- anthologies has been funded!  We’re now into the stretch goals, and there’s some really cool stuff on offer, including that raise I was telling y’all about a couple days ago — totally worth checking out.  Here’s your link.

2.  Today! is the release day of James A. Burton’s Dominions, sequel to 2012’s Powers. You may — and should! — download sample chapters here. After which, you will want to download the entire novel, which is only natural and good.

3.  We have our first international! entry! in the Do It Like A Delm Challenge.  Here’s your link to the entries received so far.  And!  It’s not too late to send in your own entry.

4.  Here, have a picture of Belle and Scrabble:

Belle and Scrabble check each other out
Belle and Scrabble check each other out

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