Last Saturday night I got married; me and my wife settled down

All righty, then!  You say you forgot to pre-order a signed copy of A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 3 from Uncle Hugo’s?

Well, honestly; what can I say to that?

Oh, wait!  I know what to say to that!

Of the 200 Constellation Threes that Steve and I personally signed with our own personal names, with copious assistance from the Feline Contingent, Uncle Hugo has about 30 left.

So if you want that signed copy, run, do not walk to Uncle Hugo’s website — here’s your link — and order your book now, because you know they’re gonna go like hotcakes.

Today, Steve and I were out, walking — well, actually, driving — up and down the world, and we decided that, since we were hungry, we’d get lunch.  As we were in Augusta, we thought we’d try the new Italian place on Water Street.  We found a parking place right in front, got out, looked at the sign on the door with the hours (in Maine, in the summer, most especially on Friday, you Just Don’t Know what’s going to be open), saw that we fell in the sweet spot of after 11:30 am and before 11 pm, pushed open the door, strolled in to the very pleasant dining room. . .

. . .where we were greeted by the manager, who said, “I’m sorry, but we’re not open.”

We mentioned the sign, and the fact that the door was open.

“Yes,” he said.  “I am sorry; we try to do lunch, but last night — we had a really good crowd last night, and they ate all our food.  The chef just went out to go shopping.”


We nodded, and wished the young man a nice day, got in the car and went to hunt and gather elsewhere*.

So ends today’s adventure.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, and stress-free weekend.

Today’s blog post brought to you by The Weavers (Ghod, my mother had this exact sheet music; I learned to play the song FROM this exact sheet music), “Goodnight, Irene.”  Here’s your link.


*Which turned out to be Ruby Tuesday, in Waterville, where we had a very pleasant meal in a quiet after-lunch restaurant, which made the lady who stopped at the table to geek out over my hair even. . .more astonishing.  I’d forgotten that my hair is purple today. . .

7 thoughts on “Last Saturday night I got married; me and my wife settled down”

  1. Sharon, when I was a little kid in the 40’s living over my father’s grocery store in Wilkes Barre, PA, there was a bar across the street. With the windows open in the summer, I heard the juke box play “Goodnight Irene” at least 10 times every night, with all the patrons joining in. The flip side of the record was “Tzena, Tzena,” also one of their hits.

  2. Frank sometimes sings to his teddy bear, Irene, so she will shut up and go to sleep.
    I like the purple hair….I was thinking about doing something like that on mine…maybe blue like my July 4th, 2011 picture while I was in chemo treatment.

  3. Sounds like any restaurant that does such a roaring business on Thursday night that they run out of food is worth bookmarking for future reference. (Maybe phone first?)

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