In which every cat’s an editor

When I make notes for a short story, I pretty often write them by hand, with a gel pen, on one of those cheap 8.5×11 inch so-called “legal pads” with the rough paper that takes the ink well.

Belle, as per Maine Coon Standard, has tufts of fur between her toes.  She likes to paddle around in the cat water fountain with her big, hairy feet, and then jump onto my desk and wander over my papers before curling up for a nap.

These two factoids are related.  And not in a Good Way.

*peers at smeared ink*

*peers at page beneath note page, also smeared with ink*


I guess it’s just as well that the story flipped, anyway.


So!  I haven’t talked about my health here in quite awhile, you lucky people, you, but I did want to note that the new, higher dose of levothyroxine — that being the Whole Gig dose — is working a treat.  I haven’t felt this well in. . .years, really.  The random fall-asleep hasn’t happened for weeks, and I can actually get up in the morning when the alarm rings (though I often chose not to do so, because there is such a thing as taking it too far), and function, and my brain seems to be ticking right along (which, right enough, may be a mixed blessing for some, but I’m calling a positive from my side).

After Labor Day, there’s a follow-up visit with the vampyres, to quantify this, and I very much hope that the switch back to synthroid (mandated by the insurance company) doesn’t mess with success, but I am, at this point, very optimistic.

So, yanno:  Yay!


New entries have been posted in the Do It Like A Delm Challenge.  Here’s your link.  Remember! This week’s entry deadline is tonight, Saturday, at Midnight EDT.  Sunday we will announce the Winner of the Week, and Monday?

Monday we’ll start a new challenge round.


Today’s chores are almost done; I’ve got the grates and drip-pans soaking, but the rest of the dishes and the vacuuming are finished.  Which means?  The deck is cleared for working on that story this afternoon and evening.

Note to self:  Research waterproof gel ink.

Hope everybody’s having a good weekend, wherever you are.

4 thoughts on “In which every cat’s an editor”

  1. I want to enter, but the most interesting thing I’ve done lately is open a pull tab on a can of refried beans and survive the cats piteous mournful cries and countertop leaps (they thought it was can food)

  2. Sharon, remember that if the Synthroid doesn’t work for you, your doctor can document it & you can appeal the insurance company’s

  3. Yay for better living through chemistry!

    Good luck with the ink…not sure you’ll be successful. I myself love gel ink pens.

    I just got back from kayaking with 2 friends just south of Annapolis. It was low humidity for once! And the good news is there was wind (so no baking but also no dragonflies or herons). The bad news is there was wind also – that last let’s-get-out-of-the-way-of-the-water-skiers will make my biceps grumpy tomorrow.

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