You can make a break, you can win or lose

So, yesterday. . .

Though it was better, it was obvious that the knee I’d fallen on last week was not progressing in the best way possible, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment with my doctor.  First appointment was late afternoon, so I downloaded Patty Briggs’ Dead Heat as insurance that I would stay in the comfy chair until it was time to go, and so it came to pass.

The doctor agreed that matters might be moved along a bit more spritely, and prescribed a Brother to Penicillin.  I managed two pills (out of a possible four) yesterday, and this morning, the swelling is gone, the redness is gone, and much of the lingering pain is gone.  So — yay!  Now, of course, I need to finish the course of the antibiotic, to Be Sure, but it was ever thus, with antibiotics.

On the positive side of medical news, the business with the Radiology Department last week, returns a negative, so I don’t at this point in time appear to have cancer.  Also, yay!

Today’s to-do list is a little busy — this is what happens when you take An Entire Day in the comfy chair.

1.  Brush three cats
2.  Untangle banking glitch
3.  Make correx to ebook
4.  Try one more cover design for ebook
5.  Buy ISBNs (which I’ve been putting off; for some reason, cost of ISBNs is really bugging me)
6.  Call the health insurance company and fuss about the incorrect invoice
7.  There’s probably something else, but this’ll do to get me started

I hope everybody has a pleasant and fulfilling day.

Today’s blog title brought to you by Mr. Glenn Frey, “The Heat is On.”  Here’s your link.

6 thoughts on “You can make a break, you can win or lose”

  1. Today’s list: Another 1500 words on current book (500+ done before breakfast; goal is 2000 for day.) Answer important mail. Remove another 3-4 cubic feet of stacked books from one room and add them to the stacked books in another. Eventually this will allow (when all the stacked books are gone) access to a Mixed Mess Stack, which can then be removed, and then there’s hope (faint, but hope) of cleaning out an awkward small space into which things have been falling via the avalanche method. No, I’m not a good housekeeper. Laundry, including hand-washing socks. Locate all the paperwork needed to go to a government office tomorrow to finally get something important done. Walk down the land to photograph the 8-foot tall clump of big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) which is earning its name this year. Should’ve gotten that done earlier this morning but had forgotten to put the camera battery on the charger. Should have a backup battery SITH (somewhere in this house.) It might even be part of the Mixed Mess Stack in the room with all the stacked books, but it’s more likely somewhere in here.

    Glad the knee is better and hope it clears completely soon. Also the ribs.

  2. Yay for no cancer! I was going to go to the pool this morning, but an email from the mgt last night indicated it would be closed for a few days, as the replacement for a broken pump has come in. So maybe I’ll do a few errands requiring a little walking instead today…

  3. So glad the cancer report was negative, likewise that the knee is responding better. Great choice of reading material!
    I will be working on my office, which has a “Cyclone Warning in Effect” sign on the door. Of course I’ve been finding ways to avoid going into the office for a few days because I find it a bit overwhelming at the moment. Also, took my great niece down to get her car worked on today (boy does that make me feel old) and then working on a memory quilt for my mom, who will be 96 on Friday. Gardened yesterday. Now for a break with a cup of hot chocolate (went from 90+ degrees two days ago to a chillier 60′ this morning) and read the newspaper.

  4. Love the peeks into everyone’s lives. Sort of like having one of the kids call and give me their latest news. Thanks everyone for sharing.

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