More on ISBNs; self-pubs take note!

So, I girded up my electronic loins and went over to Bowker (, to buy me some International Standard Book Numbers, and I found that (1) Bowker is having a Moon Landing Sale — 10% off bulk orders of ISBNs  and (2) for the purpose of this sale, a block of 10 ISBNs qualifies as “bulk.”  ISBNs are still stupidly expensive ($125 for ONE number?  C’mon, guys.), but a $29.50 discount for 10 is still, yanno 10%.

As part of this exercise, Bowker — which has become Quite the Source for Self-Pubbing Services — asked me to take a survey, which I did.

One of the questions on the survey was:  What is your primary reason for writing?

And the answers in the drop-down box were as follows:

1.  NONE
2.  I don’t write; I’m a publisher
3.  Self-Expression
4.  Religious/Evangelical
5.  I want to be a professional author
6.  Lead generation for my business endeavors
7.  Advance self professionally/in my career/as a thought leader
8.  I am an academic professional
9.  It has always been my dream to write (because I love children *cough* sorry ’bout that.  SL)
10.  Hobby

Notice anything missing here?

It astonishes me that no one who buys ISBNs from Bowker writes primarily because they ARE a professional writer.  Just. . .wow.

The to-do list is winning; the health insurance has turned ugly again, and will require a call-back, but I made the first call, dammit, and I’m claiming it.

1.  Brush three cats
2.  Untangle banking glitch
3.  Make correx to ebook
4.  Try one more cover design for ebook
5.  Buy ISBNs (which I’ve been putting off; for some reason, cost of ISBNs is really bugging me)
6.  Call the health insurance company and fuss about the incorrect invoice
7.  There’s probably something else, but this’ll do to get me started

3 thoughts on “More on ISBNs; self-pubs take note!”

  1. I think you probably could choose from 3, 5, 7, and 9. You write for self-expression. You want to [continue to] be a professional author. You want to advance yourself in your career [as a professional author]. It has always been your dream to write [and you are living out your dream].

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