Well, THAT wasn’t how the day was supposed to go. . .

The Day, as Planned, included a stop to gas up Kineo the Wonder Subaru before driving cross-town for an appointment at the Radiology Department at the hospital.  At about 9:50, I was walking down the sidewalk toward the main entrance to the hospital when I — fell off the kerb.

No, I don’t know HOW I fell off the kerb; suffice that I did, and tried to twist to regain my balance, went down hard on one knee, at which point my body got with the program, and I twisted so that I flopped over onto my side, and ohbytheway slamming my ribs into the nice hard asphalt.

A woman who had been coming down the walk toward me, rushed up, exclaiming, “That was a terrible fall!  Are you all right?”

I, of course, was more embarrassed than hurting — hello, adrenaline — leapt to my feet, assured her I was fine, looked at my left knee which was kind of stinging, but, hey, how bad could it be, if the jeans weren’t torn — and found that I had a respectable scrape, but nothing really serious.

At that point, a PA came rushing out of the OBGYN door, which I was nearing when I fell, and she also told me that I had taken a terrible fall.  I assured her that I was fine, just a skun knee.  She looked doubtful, asked me where’d I’d been going, I told her Radiology, and she walked me there, about a mile out of her way, and by the time we arrived, I found that — anyone?

C’mon, you guys, this one’s EASY — yes, you!  What did I find?  Very good.

I found that my skun knee was now swollen up to the size of a Regulation Baseball.

I asked the radiology receptionist for ice.  She took one look and yelled for her supervisor, who dispatched a volunteer for an ice bag, found out why I was there and together we formed the plan that I would have my appointment, and then they would take me to the ER for an Xray, since I had fallen on hospital property.

Those things eventually came to pass, and I proceeded in a homeward direction, stopping at the grocery store for things that I was completely out of, and now I’m home and have three cats within an arm’s reach.

The plan for the rest of the day is to eat a lunch salad, with a side of aspirin, and try to sleep it off.

No music today, sorry. . .

6 thoughts on “Well, THAT wasn’t how the day was supposed to go. . .”

  1. Hoping you feel better soon and that the feline nursing staff treats you well.

  2. Dear heavens. That sounds like the twin of the fall I took in April (though I fell tripping over a loose rock on our driveway)–knee swelling, sore other parts, and all. Not fun at all. I’m glad it wasn’t worse. If you did the other thing I did, and try to keep your face off the asphalt by putting a hand down, check that you didn’t damage your shoulder (the hand was blue and swollen, but no bones broke. The shoulder turned out to be much more serious, over the next two months.) You were probably smarter than that.

    SO glad you’re home, with cats.

  3. At least you got to your radiology appt and they didn’t make you come back for it! Hoping those results will be good. The bad thing of course is that you fell, which is no fun at all. So sorry Sharon and I’m glad you are home safe with the cats now. Purring helps all ills.

  4. Three cat-nurses, good! You will be well looked-after… unless they all try to lie on top of the afflicted leg at once.

  5. Oh my! I hope the cats are encouraging you not to move unless absolutely necessary. I’m sure you’ve gotten the whole medical spiel about how high to keep the knee in relation to the rest of you, when to use ice and when to use heat and all that. But do not underestimate how tired you’re going to be. All the rush of adrenalin and the like will make you weary when they where off, and for us women of a certain age, it can be worse.

    Take care, and remember that a cat can be a lovely substitute for a hot water bottle in a pinch. (If the cat is willing, of course)

  6. It is documented and has been studied that cat purrs actually help you heal. Please request a session or three with Their Royal Highnesses for at least fifteen to thirty minutes duration each. Cats, as you know, can be great empathizers. They may not know the facts but grasp the substance. Lean On Them (When You’re Not Strong). Subtext provided by Bill Withers. Since I’m not on a computer please go to YouTube for entertainment purposes.

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