Anything can happen day

I slept in, with the active connivance of the entire Crack Coon Cat Nursing Team, and am slowly getting myself into order.  I don’t appear to have acquired any new aches or pains overnight, which is good; the knee is considerably less swollen, which, of course, will make it that much more difficult to remember to give it its tithe of ice and elevation, but I’ll do my best.  Good thing I put the footstool back under my desk.  My ribs are kicking up much less of a fuss today than I had feared they would do, which is really more good luck than I deserve, especially as it’s supposed to rain today, and! (naturally enough) I expect a shipment of several cases of books which UPS will bring to the porch.  The back-up plan there is a tarp (since it’s a covered porch), but I’d really much rather bring them inside.

At three today, I’ll be talking to Tony Daniel in his melant’i as host of the Baen Free Radio Hour, on behalf of Liaden Constellation, Volume 3.  I’ll let y’all know when that episode is to air.

At the moment, I have two of the Crack Coon Cat Nursing Team on hand — Belle on the floor next to my chair, and Trooper in his usual place on top the bookcase near the window.  Sprite, I assume, is getting some needed downtime and a little snack before she comes back on duty.  Scrabble has been keeping vigil in Steve’s office, emerging for meals and for brushes, and to check in with Management.

Steve writes that he expects to be back in Maine by the end of the week, which is good news.

My plan today, insomuch as I have a plan is to post this blog entry, set a timer for 30 minutes, do some filing, then retire to the comfy chair for ice, elevation, and a couple chapters of my book.  This will give me an opportunity to assess further, though I really do think that, at this point, what I see is what I got.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.

Here, have a parade:  Here’s your link.

6 thoughts on “Anything can happen day”

  1. ONe would hope that if one described the NEED for the delivery to come inside, one could be accommodated…no?
    …continued good wishes for healing and Steve’s safe return.

  2. Have you got a dolly you can shift the boxes with?
    Or maybe load a couple boxes on a wheelie office chair?

    Or do you have too much of a step up on the threshold?

    I hate to see you taking risks with the ribs and knee after yesterday.

  3. I’ve got a dolly, but getting it over the threshold is a complete bear that rattles my teeth on a good day. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the books will arrive tomorrow — ETA was “early this week” — when I’ll be better able to cope. Hate to call any further on the Fairy Godmother Department, since she did such good work yesterday, all things told.

  4. Hopefully the UPS person will take pity on your debilitated state and bring the boxes inside!

  5. Never hurts to ask if UPS would stick them inside the door! OR if they use a dolly, just roll it a little further!

  6. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, and looking forward to another podcast–what a treat! This is really a first-rate summer for us Liaden fans, what with podcasts and tours and multiple new releases (I haven’t forgotten “Chimera”!)

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