Updates and Appeals

Asking favors first:

1.  If you’re one of those speed-readin’ ebook-buyin’ folks, who have already purchased and devoured A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume III, please consider writing a reader review at Goodreads, BN, Amazon, Baen, or the site of your choice.  Early reader reviews help potential readers/buyers of the paper edition, and those who may be on the fence about purchasing the e-edition to make up their minds.  Thank you for your help.

2.  In case, you missed yesterday’s post, the deadline for order Tree-and-Dragon shirts is fast approaching.  Off-World Designs will be screenprinting and embroidering the order they have in hand by the end of next week, at which time, they’ll start “saving up” orders until they have enough to make up a new batch.  Here’s your link to the Korval items at Offworld Design.  NOTE:  This link takes you to a search page.  In order to learn more about each shirt, and/or to order, you have to click on the shirt of your dreams; this action will take you to a detail page.

3.  I recently did an interview on behalf of A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume III, for the Baen Free Radio Hour.  (In case you missed it, here’s the link.)  This, oh, I don’t know — the dozenth? — podcast we/me/he have done, and we’re always pleased to be asked.  But!  We’re soliciting listener feedback.  Are these presentations useful/entertaining for you?  What do you listen for?  What background information would you like to hear more about/less about?  And the ever-popular etcetera.

So endeth the appeals.

* * *

Updatery. . .

Let’s see:  Steve got home late enough on Thursday that by the time the pizza was gone, and the bottle empty, it was Friday.  The cats are re-sorting themselves in order to provide coverage for two humans, and I’m feeling a little less under pressure to be All Things to All Coon Cats.  Scrabble, of course, has long held the belief that I can take care of myself, with a little gentle poking from time to time; her primary mission is Steve, and she’s now back on the job full-time.

The preordered Constellations destined to be signed by us and then sent on to Uncle Hugo’s to be mailed, which were supposed to have arrived earlier in the week. . .have not yet arrived.  There seems to be some confusion about Just When they will arrive; more news, perhaps, on Monday.

The result of my last visit to the vampyres has been read, and my thyroid medicine has thereby been adjusted upward another smidge, with a third blood test to scrutinize the serum levels in six weeks.  Here’s the thing, though:  the thyroid numbers themselves were normal, which they have been, since forever; but the numbers indicating how much hormone the pituitary gland is having to push out in order to make the thyroid do its thing is still elevated; the increase in meds is to try to take some of the pressure off of the pituitary.

What else?

My ribs still hurt, sigh, though the knee hardly hurts at all; and!  it’s rainy and cool here in beautiful Central Maine, with thunderstorms due to start rolling in around 1:00.  Tomorrow, the weatherbeans say the temperatures will leap back into the mid-to-high 80s(F/29C), so I’ll just revel in 69F/21C today, thanks.

In other news, I have a whole stack of dance videos here, and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just lay on the couch and watch other people exercise while I listen to the rain.  That’s a good use of a rainy Saturday, ain’t it?

Everybody have a good weekend.

Oh!  Steve brought me flowers yesterday.  Aren’t they pretty?

Red vase with flower. Photo by Sharon Lee
Red vase with flower. Photo by Sharon Lee

2 thoughts on “Updates and Appeals”

  1. Flowers beautiful. Coon cats exhibiting intelligence. Sympathies on ribs, and glad the knee is behaving better. Alas, I can’t get to Constellation III until I finish Current Project (because a) your work drags me in and requires speed reading the first time then leisurely re-reading 3-4 times before I can pause for sleep or food, and b) Current Project is too close in type (SF, adventure, familial & other connections) and could pick up something inadvertently. Advertency is wiser. Darn it. The moment I have this draft done, though….

  2. Advertency is wiser; agreed. Adulting is hard; also agreed. You have put your finger on the reason I read mysteries, and biographies, and almost anything but SFF when I’m writing. I’m a natural mimic, and — the risk is too great.

    Strength to your arm.

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